10 Critical Tips to Stay Motivated

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Perhaps the most important ingredient for success is motivation. It’s perfectly normal to see yours begin to wane as life gets busy, or as progress slows and your results aren’t as obvious as they were in the beginning.

But, there are several techniques to help you stay motivated along the way to your target weight.

  1. Get a workout buddy – Exercising in the company of others is more enjoyable than working out alone, and it will provide a sense of accountability. No one will be mad if you skip your solo morning run, but your friend won’t be too happy if you fail to show up for a gym date.


  1. Use a progress journal – Look back over the entire time you’ve been eating right and exercising regularly, and see without a doubt that you have made progress.


  1. Take progress pictures – It’s easy to exaggerate what you see in the mirror, but pictures will give you an accurate idea of where you started and how much closer you are getting to meeting your goals.


  1. Plan out your meals for the week – When you have menus in place and the necessary ingredients in the fridge, it’s much easier to eat as you should and not take a diet detour.


  1. Hire a personal trainer – If you’ve become bored with your workout, a trainer can provide you with some new techniques. They can also kick your behind in gear on days when you’re feeling sluggish or weak.


  1. Get new workout music – Something as simple as an upbeat song can work wonders for enhancing your motivation and stamina.


  1. Set daily goals – While having long-term goals is necessary, a daily goal gives each meal meaning and every workout purpose.


  1. Sign up for an event – Having an event to train for, such as a bike race or 5k mud run, will also serve to motivate you to push onwards.


  1. Set a reward system in place – After reaching each goal, you need a mini-celebration to ensure you enjoy a sense of accomplishment for all your hard work. But don’t make food your reward! Pick a favorite activity, a small item you’ve wanted to buy, or a even a weekend off from your daily 8-minute ab workout (just do double on Friday and Monday).


  1. Get a mentor – Find someone who you look up to and can turn to for advice during the hard times. A friend or fitness coach who has worked hard to lose weight and get in prime physical condition will serve to inspire as well as educate you.

Use a combination of these motivational tips, along with other strategies that help you focus on your target, and you’ll have an easier time staying committed to your workout and diet program.



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