4 Natural Remedies for PMDD

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PMDD is much worse than a bad case of PMS/PMT as any PMDD sufferer will be able to tell you. It is a roller coaster ride of extreme emotional anguish and physical pain that can incapacitate you and frequently damages your relationships with your friends and loved ones because you cannot control your moods due to extreme hormonal imbalances.

Unfortunately one of the most common ways women deal with PMDD is by using drugs such as anti-depressants to normalise their moods. This is a slippery slope though because there are many side effects to using drugs and some women become quite addicted to them and mess up their moods outside of the last one or two weeks of the menstrual cycle which is when PMDD strikes. This is why natural remedies for PMDD are becoming the more accepted and beneficial way of treating PMDD effectively and safely.

If you are struggling with PMDD and are looking for a drug free alternative, try these natural PMDD treatment tips which will start to heal you from the inside.

  1. Do not nap – Sleeping habits become quite out of sync during PMDD and some women sleep way too much, while others sleep very little. This can lead to the urge to nap during the day, especially when you become emotionally worn out. Napping will further put your natural sleeping cycle out of order making it even more difficult to sleep at night, extending the time your body wants to sleep late into the night, and confusing many other internal systems. Try to eat a meal with complex carbs in it and do some light exercise if you feel sleepy during the day and fight off the sleeping urge so you can have a much more restful night.
  2. Exercise for Endorphins – Everyone knows exercise makes you feel better, but you need to exercise the right way to release enough mood boosting endorphins. Just a light walk will not do much; you instead need to work out with some reasonable intensity for a reasonable amount of time. This will release endorphins in the brain making you feel good, and a healthier body also helps with so many other systems hat will aid in hormonal control.
  3. Magnesium Supplements – Taking 250-350 milligrams of magnesium daily can also greatly reduce PMDD symptoms. It can help boost mood, improve sleep quality, reduce cramping and pain, and even help reduce stress. Be aware of how much magnesium you already consume from food as well though.
  4. Reduce Stress – Stress is a modern disease that fills our bodies with a hormone called cortisol that lowers the immune system, heightens our tension, and makes it difficult for other hormones to work properly. Reducing stress is essential to beating PMDD and there are many ways that you can do this including mental exercises, and even adding stress busting foods to your diet!

It is important to note that there are many more natural approaches you can take to improve your mood, reduce the physical symptoms, and make a lasting impact on your PMDD. It is also very important to note that natural remedies for PMDD should not be done in isolation, you need a consistent plan that combine the various aspects of your health to tie together into something that is greater than all of its parts. This is because each individual thing you do will be enhanced by another remedy you apply.

The downside is actually forming a plan and having all the pieces in place. If this is your stumbling block, then click below to find out a complete, step-by-step guide to ending your PMDD woes through natural means, without touching a single drug!

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