4 Reasons Why Mobile Chicken Coops Are Handy for Farmers

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Most people who raise chickens keep them in a regular chicken coop. The problem with the classic chicken coop method is that it is very unsanitary. Moving the chickens around from place to place allows the chickens to feed in a new place resulting in better tasting meat and higher quality eggs. Without moving your chicken coop, the chickens will remain in the same spot, fresh grass will quickly be eaten up. This will leave the chickens with poor diets. Mobile chicken coops, also known as chicken tractors, are your best bet if you are looking to get the most out of raising your chickens. Manure from the chickens is able to fall on grass which
fertilizes your land and you no longer have to do the dirty deed of cleaning your chicken coop.

They are easy to maneuver

Mobile chicken coops are usually built with an A-frame structure with wheel borrow-like handles on the end to allow for easy pickup and transport. They are lightweight. Some even have wheels on the end and do not require much force to lift and move the coop. Mobile chicken coops are also smaller than a permanent coop, which also makes it easier to maneuver around the yard.

They are cleaner

Chickens lay a lot of waste in their coop. You can cut out the time and labor intensity cleaning out your chicken coop by choosing to go with a mobile chicken coop because there is no floor on the bottom of it. This allows the grass underneath the coop to fertilize and the chickens don’t have to hang around a poop filled chicken coop because it is moved every 1-3 days. Without a mobile chicken coop, you putting your chickens at risk of disease or contamination if you do not clean it enough.

Keeps your yard fertilized

Chicken manure is a great fertilizer. It is rich in potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients. By using a mobile chicken coop, the manure from the chickens falls straight onto the grass instead of a floor that you have to clean. This is a major reason why farmers love mobile chicken coops. They can move them all over their land to fertilize each area and keep the chickens clean and healthy at the same time.

Allows Free Roam, But Still Safe

An ideal world of chicken raising, farmers would love their chickens to be able to roam free around the land. As much as you try to make that happen, it is very risky to allow free roam. Your chickens will be open to attacks from dogs, cats, foxes, coyotes, bears, owls, hawks, skunks, raccoons, and other predators. They are just hoping to make a meal out of a chicken or two. This is where the mobile chicken coop comes in. They allow for your chickens to have freedom to run around in a new healthy environment. They are also caged in a structure to protect them from predators.

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