4 Ways to Nourish Your Leaky Gut

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When you suffer from Leaky Gut Syndrome it’s important to place emphasis on nourishing your body. By supplying your gut with all of the nutrients that it needs, it will have all the necessary building blocks to repair the cells that line your intestinal wall.

But for most Leaky Gut sufferers, this is easier said than done.

When your digestive tract becomes compromised as it is with Leaky Gut, then your ability to digest and absorb nutrients is greatly reduced.

So here are some helpful tips to help you get the most out of your food.

1. Avoid Nutrient Blocking Foodsgrain-hulls

Believe it or not but some foods actually work to block the absorption of nutrients when you eat them.

Some of the biggest culprits are foods that contain Phytic Acid which is found in the hulls of grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds just to name a few. And when you consume foods that contain Phytic Acid it literally binds itself to minerals within the digestive tract and prevents your body from absorbing them.

This is a big reason why many of these foods require cooking and proper preparation to minimize amount of Phytic Acid present. But you can rest assured that 99% of grains are not properly prepared which is a reason in itself to avoid them

2. Cook Your Veggies

Many people will argue this because they will say that raw vegetables contain natural enzymes to help aid in digestion. And they are partially correct. And they will also say that cooking vegetables leads to a loss of nutrients due to the heating process. And again, they are partially correct.

But the issue has much less to do with how many nutrients the vegetable has as it does with how many of those nutrients your digestive tract can absorb. Raw vegetables are very difficult to digest thus there are far less of these nutrients made available for you to absorb. And if they aren’t absorbed, they’re excreted.

So do yourself a favor and cook your veggies.

3. Eat Your Meat

It’s very common to hear people talk about how nutritious vegetables are. In fact, as kids we were all told that we had to eat our vegetables because they are the healthy part of the meal. But in a 1-on-1 comparison between meat and vegetables, meat wins hands down.

Per volume, meat is far more nutrient dense than vegetables. And many of the nutrients found in meat can’t be obtained from vegetables because they are fat soluble and require fat for proper absorption.

So be sure to eat meat with every meal.

4. Bone Brothsbroth

You’ve probably heard it before… You need plenty of minerals for strong bones. So it should make perfect sense that bone broth (properly made) would naturally be loaded with minerals. This is because when you make bone broth you are literally pulling the high mineral content out of the bones and into the broth.

Plus, it’s loaded with plenty of other beneficial nutrients such as amino acids.

It should be no surprise that most every single person who suffers from Leaky Gut Syndrome or that has compromised digestion is not getting the necessary nutrients that they need from their diet. And these nutrients are the building blocks for repairing your Leaky Gut.

By following these simple tips then you’ll be on your way to nourishing your Leaky Gut and giving it the best opportunity possible to heal.