5 Foods That Burn Belly Fat

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If you want to see incredible fat loss, one thing that you need to be paying attention to at all times is the food you’re choosing to eat.

We’ve already discussed the 80/20 rule and how diet is the single most important determinant for seeing maximum results from your fat-loss program.

In order to make sure that you are getting your diet in line with your goals, it’s going to be important that you’re filling your belly with nothing but the best ingredients.

When selecting the foods to make up your diet, you should look for three main things:

  • Foods that are in their most natural state – that is, with the least amount of total processing or additives
  • Foods that are lower in calories for the serving sizes being given (note that the exceptions to this rule are healthy fats, which will always be high in calories)
  • Foods that provide a wealth of nutrients so that you stay healthy while you lose body fat

If you can make sure the main foods you select for your diet satisfy these requirements, you will be well on your way to success.

Let’s get you started with five foods you should be eating regularly.


Salmon is such a great choice because it is not only rich in protein but in high-quality omega fats, which are necessary to maintain a lean body, reduce your risk of disease and enhance your mental function, along with a wealth of other benefits.

Egg Whites

Egg whites are a very high-volume source of lean protein, meaning you can eat a lot yet take in very few calories. This makes them ideal for anyone seeking to lose weight.

They are also very versatile. Since they can be prepared in a number of different ways, this helps you combat dietary boredom. Just be sure not to prepare your egg whites in a high amount of butter or oil!

Furthermore, egg whites are a relatively low-cost form of protein so are good for eating on a budget.


Berries are very high in dietary fiber content, rich in antioxidants and low in calories. Fiber is important for regulating blood sugar levels, decreasing hunger and preventing cardiovascular disease

A cup of berries contains anywhere from 5 to 10 grams of fiber, depending on the type, so they are a fast and naturally sweet way to get your fiber intake up.

Leafy Green Vegetables

You can eat virtually as much of these as you’d like without negative repercussions on your body weight because they are so low in calories. This makes leafy greens ideal for adding more bulk to your meals so it feels as though you’re getting more food, even though your calorie intake is hardly increasing.

Furthermore, leafy green vegetables are nutrient powerhouses, providing a number of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, helping you improve your overall health as you see the weight come off.

Just as with egg whites, though, be sure that you don’t cook these in butter, cheese or high-calorie sauces.


All nuts tend to be a good choice on a fat-loss eating plan, but walnuts in particular are rich in omega fats. Adding nuts to your diet tends to reduce your hunger between meals so you’ll be less likely to snack when you shouldn’t be.

The nice thing about walnuts and other nuts is they offer some fiber and protein, making them easy to fit into a well-balanced diet. Always keep in mind that nuts are calorie-dense so you must make sure to moderate your serving size – only a handful or so. If you consume too many nuts on any given day, your calorie intake will quickly climb higher than your target.

Eat no more than 1/2 to 1 oz. per serving. This will help you control your calorie intake.



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