A. Byrne’s journey to better health inspires book: The Power of Hormones

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Ange Bryne is no stranger to hormone problems.

She endured polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Some years later, when she encountered fertility problems, she learned she had stage III endometriosis.

When she did finally get pregnant, she had a couple of small hemorrhages during the first trimester and an extremely painful ovarian cyst rupture later in the pregnancy.

She developed pre-eclampsia at 34 weeks and went into pre-term labor at 35 weeks.

After her third child was born, she lost weight rapidly, but then she stopped sleeping well and didn’t feel right.

She had postpartum thyroiditis, and she was in a hyperthyroid state.

She developed a huge growth on the side of her neck and was constantly tired.

This isn’t a rare story.

1 in 3 women suffer from a hormone imbalance at some point in their lives.

These imbalances cause infertility, lack of libido, mood swings, hair loss, acne, insomnia, weight gain or loss, digestive problems, joint pain, and depression.

Ange Byrne finally turned to natural methods to heal herself.

She shares her journey in her book:

Power of Hormones: Your Guide to Optimal Hormone Health.

Covered material includes:

  • The thyroid gland and problems with its imbalances
  • Adrenal Chaos
  • Sex hormones
  • Obstacles to wellness
  • How to take care of your glands and hormones
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • The pancreas-diabetes connection
  • The Leptin solution
  • Darkness hormone
  • Tips for positivity


Food can act as medicine, and diet can correct many diseases and conditions, including hormone imbalances.

The Power of Hormones teaches readers what to look for and how to improve their health naturally.

Byrne aimed to save others from years of suffering so they can enjoy an active and healthy life again.


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