A Chakra-Cleansing Exercise

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As mentioned, it is enormously important to heal and open all of your chakras in turn and to spend some time trying to identify which of your chakras is unbalanced, blocked or depleted of energy. It is likely that you are having some trouble with at least one of your chakras, as it is rare that all seven are operating as well as they should be all of the time.


Each day, take a moment to consider which aspects of your life or health you would like to improve, or heal, or bring happiness into, and then think carefully about to which of the seven chakras this challenge relates. You can use some of the guidance listed previously in this book. By doing this regularly, you should be able to greatly improve your overall well-being through chakra healing.


However, we also need to regularly cleanse the chakras, using one or more meditative exercise. Chakra cleansing usually involves addressing the body as a whole and using visualizations and breathing exercises to release any tensions or blockages that may be running through your seven chakras.


During any normal day, we are faced with dozens of frustrations and annoyances, difficulties and challenges, all of which have a negative effect on our energy system. By cleansing the chakras as a whole, we can help restore some order and harmony to our energetic bodies and find ourselves stronger, healthier and more capable of taking life by the horns and enjoying each day.


To start, sit in a cross-legged position, with the back straight, and all of the chakras aligned within you. After a couple of minutes of deep breathing and contemplation, take your hand (left for women, right for men) and place it on your forehead. Visualize all of the frustrations you have about your future or any emotional difficulty you may be experiencing and allow them to come out from your head and into your open hand.


Try to see these frustrations as a mist, or dark fog, and try to feel them escaping from your chakra and soaking into your palm. Spend two or three minutes allowing everything to escape before moving onto the throat chakra and repeating the process.


Follow this by placing your hand on every one of your chakras and forcibly willing negativity, frustration, self-doubt, worry and every other negative feeling out of the chakra and into the hand.


Once you have reached the first chakra (the root) and visualized this dark mist of negativity escaping your body and entering your hand, you need to bring your hand up toward your eyes.


Whilst breathing deeply and evenly, look at your hand and visualize with all your might a bright, crystalline white light enveloping it, removing and deleting all that negative energy and leaving your chakras clear and open.


After a few seconds, and a few more breaths, focus on the same white light moving upwards through your body. Let the light stop at each of your energy centers and flowing ever upwards. See the light cleansing, healing and purifying every aspect of your body before being released through your crown, back to the everlasting source of power from where it came and from which you too are forever a part of.



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