A Natural Focus To Bow Legs Treatments

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A large percentage of children will develop bow legs. However, the condition tends to correct itself over time. If it does not, corrective measures need to be employed. Fortunately, these are natural and painless methods that involve diet supplementation and exercise. Special methods of stretching, the right exercises and a course of special nutrition are often enough to cure bow legs naturally.

How do you know if you have bow legs?

It’s easy to tell if a person has bow legs – if they stand with their feet together, the knees will still be some distance from each other. The greater this distance between the knees, the more pronounced the condition is.

What can cause bow legs?

Any one of a number of factors, actually. In one case, it could simply be some abnormal influence in early childhood that causes the legs to develop with a curve. Sometimes parents put their children into a walker before the child is actually ready for it – the child’s young legs, not yet being able to take the weight of the child, develop a curve. Blount’s disease is another factor that could cause bow legs. Lead poisoning is yet another potential cause of bow legs. But one of the most common causes is a deficiency of Vitamin D – which is rather sad, really, as that is so easy to correct.

Methods of treating bow legs

One of the first things that you must do if you have bow legs is have a doctor look at you to determine what actually caused the bow legs. You might wonder why this is necessary.

It is necessary, because the cause of your bowed legs may not be in the past, but instead might be due to a disease or disorder that you still have. If this is so, the disease will have to be treated first, before you attempt to correct the bowed legs. Once this is done, or if the doctor confirms that you don’t have a disorder that is causing your bow legs, you can then progress to trying to cure the bow legs.

You can cure bow legs at home

Vitamin and calcium supplementation and special exercises can be used to treat bow legs at home. This supplementation is especially important because a lack of vitamin D in the body can actually be one of the causes of bow legs. Exposure to sunlight is an excellent way to get the body to increase its innate production of vitamin D, but in certain special cases it might be necessary to actually take a multivitamin supplement. Exercises need to focus on strengthening the muscles of the legs, especially those of the upper thighs. Exercises that strengthen the calves and the hamstrings are equally important. Finally, ‘stressors’ are important. These are exercises that, once the muscles of the legs are strengthened sufficiently, work to straighten the actual structure of the leg.

That’s all that it takes to cure bow legs at home. The correct nutrition, the correct supplementation, and a carefully formulated course of exercises to straighten and strengthen the legs.

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