Affirming a Positive Mindset

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Most people think thoughts from a place of lack:

“I’m stuck in a dead end job.”

“I can’t lose weight. After all, I’ve failed so many times, so what makes me think I can do it this time?”

“I’m not pretty enough, handsome enough, smart enough or make enough money to offer someone else. I’ll probably be single forever.”

These fearful thoughts aren’t just a flittering, negative way of daydreaming your life away. It’s much more than a mere thought or attitude. Whether you realize it or not, these “thoughts” are creating the reality you exist in today. Negative thoughts about money, love, health, your goals, dreams and ambitions are sending out a vibration to the universe what you want more of.

Even if there are things in your life you want (but you’re thinking of those things in a doubtful, negative, fearful manner) and coming from a place of lack, you’ll never receive what you want. You’ll only receive more of a lack. Your lack created your mindset, and life will be a struggle.

Why? Because your thoughts may go like this: You don’t have enough money in your checking account. You’re miserable in your relationship, and you can’t seem to stop the cycle of attracting volatile, codependent partners from appearing in your life.

You want to stop smoking but just don’t think you can. More than anything, you want to start your own business but can’t seem to muster up the courage to really “go for it.”

But isn’t life meant to be easy, joyful and full of abundance? Yes, it sure is.

In other words, what feelings, attitudes, perceptions of yourself and thoughts you send out, you get back (either immediately or with time). On the other hand, if you begin transforming negative thoughts into positive ones, your reality will begin to shift, and almost as if by magic, change for you and for the taking.

Opportunities will open up. Experiences you never had before will present themselves to you. Life, and everything you have always wanted, will appear for you to absorb, enjoy and receive with ease.

The rule about the law of attraction is this ¾ send good thoughts out and receive good things back. Raise your vibrational state (by clear, focused, positive thinking), and you’ll meet your soul mate. You’ll rake in multiple streams of income. You’ll witness your health improve, and every area will work for you, instead of against you.

How differently would your life be if it was no longer a struggle? Put the practice of attraction into your daily life as mentioned in this book, and you’ll no longer read about other people’s stories of success. You’ll know for yourself just how prosperous your life could truly be.



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