Annoying Habits And Other Personal Issues – The 15 Biggest Mistakes Made Trying To Rescue A Relationship

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During the beginning of the romance, both parties are on their best behavior.  They cater to each other’s whims and they are attentive, affectionate and loving.  As they become more familiar with each other and move out of the “honeymoon phase”, they let their guard down and many of their personal habits cause irritation in the other party.


Classic causes of irritation may be as simple as where you hold the tube of toothpaste when you squeeze some onto your toothbrush, to leaving the toilet seat up, to being slow in getting ready to go out and to being late to everything.


These issues arise on both sides of the partnership with equal frequency.  Some of these annoyances are a “male thing” while others are committed by women, but they basically exist in equal proportions.


Serious issues can be caused by annoyances such as poor driving and directional skills, not sharing the household chores, leaving a messy bathroom and food issues such as bad table manners.


Other common annoying bad habits include poor clothing choices, bad personal hygiene, being critical of the other person in public, control of the television remote and choice of channels, and other inconsiderate behavior.


For some people, minor irritations come with the relationship and are to be ignored.  If you can accept these foibles, then they will never become an issue in the partnership.


Others become upset over their partner’s bad habits.  If you are one of these people, you can attempt to change your partner’s habits, but be prepared for them to try and change some of yours too.  Otherwise you can discuss each issue with your partner and you can both attempt to make appropriate changes . . . or learn to live with them.


Men, you and your buddies may think that bodily noises are hilarious, but few women think the same.  Ladies, your lingerie hanging over the bathtub or in the shower to dry is not the type of obstacle course that men like to run through.


High levels of annoyance may indicate a deeper problem than the habits themselves.  One partner may feel disrespected because their wishes for changes in a number of areas are ignored.


Another relationship issue is the refusal to let an argument die a natural death.  Some people feel they have to make their point again and again until their opponent collapses in defeat.  This type of tenacity is self-defeating and may cause extreme resentment in the other party.

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