Applying Attraction in Just Three Steps

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You’re telling the universe to send you more money, job opportunities, adventure, love, passion, creativity and good health. To top it off, you’re actually receiving it. Why?

Because your thoughts dictate your reality, and your reality dictates your happiness. Do you want to be happier, healthier and receive more abundance? What if every time you thought about money, you had the attitude that instead of chasing down your next big deal, everything you touch turns to gold?

All it takes is the ability to cultivate a rich mindset, instead of one that thinks in terms of what you lack or don’t have enough of. Change your thoughts, raise your vibrations and finally have the life you really want ¾ instead of what you’re merely settling for.

Attracting your dream life isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s one of the easiest, and over time with some practice, one of the most natural things you can do. Here’s how (no matter what the past has shown what you can or can’t have) in three easy and applicable steps.

Step 1: Watch the Movie of Your Life (as You Want It to Play Out)

If you’re single and want that ideal love to come into your life, you may have experienced feelings of longing after watching a romantic movie. In it, the actors meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. But is that possible for you? Sure it is ¾ if you believe it is.

Use your imagination to attract that ideal love life to your advantage! Here’s how:

Visualize your life as a romantic blockbuster movie. Just spending five minutes a day (and everyone has five minutes a day to spare) to visualize what you want can have huge, impactful results.

Begin by closing your eyes and picture anything you want to have happening. Focus not on what that person or job opportunity looks like (trust us, the universe will work out those details for you) but what it feels like.

Watch the movie of your life unfold as it will by focusing on the big details. Imagine what it feels like to hold your partner’s hand in yours, how your wallet feels as money is spilling out of it or what those leather seats in your brand-new luxury car feels like. Imagine sensations of happiness, love and gratitude for that thing surrounding you and spilling out of you.

Send out feelings of love to everyone in your life. When you focus on negative thinking and all that you don’t have, you’re stopping love from coming into your life.

The quickest way to unblock negativity is by sending out thoughts of love, so if you want to make your physical health a priority in your life and eliminate the pain in your joints or lose weight, send out thoughts of love for your already healthy body.

Send thoughts of love to your knees, your throat, your legs and arms, which carry you through each and every day. As you practice this daily positive train of thought, you’ll receive a healthier body, a vibrant love life and a thriving career immediately.

Accept love into your life without fear of what the future brings. Many people subconsciously block prosperity from coming to us by sending out feelings of low self-worth and doubt, which all stems from fear.

To eliminate these emotional or mental roadblocks, turn the switch from dark to light on! This means that when you are aware of negative thoughts coming into your consciousness, such as “I could never do that,” or “I’m just determined enough to lose weight to have that kind of body,” transform it to a positive variation of the negative.

Think, “I’m taking the first step to good health right now by eating this apple instead of chips,” or “I believe in myself and respect my body.” Feeling fear is normal; staying stuck in the fear is a hazard to your entire life.

Take action by allowing the good to come without fear of what it will look like, how long it may take and without putting particular expectations on your goal. Trust in the universe ¾ as you think good thoughts, it will take care of the rest.

Step 2: Be Specific About the Details

Some folks don’t know the secret to the law of attraction. They think that simply by imagining what they want will attract it to them, but it goes deeper than that. Like anything, it’s a commitment to work hard, patience and let it come as and when, it will.

Most of all, it’s not a process of instant gratification. It’s a lifestyle and a state of mind. You can’t think negatively one day and then positively the next, while being frustrated that your dreams aren’t coming true as fast as you’d like them to.

It’s your belief in yourself that will set the stage for prosperity and along with that, being as specific about your life plan as you can. Follow these steps to help you specify your desires:

Be clear about your intentions. If you’re vague about what you want, the universe will give you mixed results. Know what you want by focusing on how your body reacts.

Are you at peace when you think about starting your own business or are you filled with anxiety because it doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for your life at this time? Know what you want and fiercely commit to visualizing it in your mind.

Hone in on the object of your affection. Once you know what you want ¾ that love of your life, to travel around the world, to have the means to buy your first home or to support your growing family ¾ focus on the details of that object.

Focus on the feeling of your new living room carpet as you walk barefoot or on turning the wheel of your new car, or on walking on the beach with your lover as the sun beats down on you and the waves wash over your toes.

Focus on the sensations and feelings it will bring you. This is one of the most important aspects of the law of attraction, and it is critical to speeding up the results in your life!

How does that object, person or circumstance make you feel? What emotions does it bring you? As you visualize, feel the sensation of happiness, joy, comfort, financial security and adventure it brings. Focus ¾ and this is key ¾ on these emotions for as long as possible. Aim for one minute a day or more, as you’re able.

Step 3: Receive It Without Fear, Doubt or Hesitation

If you are hard at work manifesting what you want but also experience fear of the outcome, you’re blocking the universe from bringing it to you. Why? Because the universe responds to the sensations associated with the things you want more powerfully than the object of desire they.

Don’t control every little detail of what you visualize. It’s your job to imagine and believe in what you desire most in life, not in the many ways it can come to you. Trust the process. Don’t get stuck wondering, doubting or fearing how it will arrive in your life. Instead, spend your energy focused on the “what” and ”how” ¾ how that person or thing will make you feel, what it is and how it will change your life. The universe will respond and will grant it to you in new forms of opportunity that you didn’t previously realize you had.


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