Assembling A Mobile Marketing Beta Test Crew

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If mobile marketing is something that you are serious about, then you want to make sure that your mobile messages are viewable to as many users as possible. This means making sure that your send outs are effective across all the various smartphones and tablets out there, but that can be tricky given the plethora of makes, models, manufacturers and software behind them. You have to test your messages on all the major models out there. Keep reading for more on how to do just this.

If your mobile marketing campaign is for a business that is medium or larger sized, then there are likely ample funds and resources available. Consider using them to buy one each of the top ten most popular smartphones and three or four tablets. Set up a room or a corner of an office where someone can use this sampling of modern technology to beta test your mobile marketing messages before they go out for sizing and accessibility issues.

It is more likely that you are a smaller operation that can not afford to drop a few thousand dollars on a dozen pieces of communication technology; however, you still want to know that every tablet and smartphone user can access your mobile marketing media messages and get access to them. So, how do you do this? You have to assemble your own beta test crew ad hoc.

Start with coming up with a list of all the makes and models you would like to test or confirm that your messages work on. You can probably immediately check off one, two or three just with what you personally own. Check with your spouse, life partner, kids and immediate relatives for what devices they own. All they have to do is confirm that a message works, and that only takes a second. No one should be able to say no to you.

Once you have covered your family, consider your immediate friends and colleagues that you see in real life on a weekly basis to get further down your list. After that, get online. Very often when someone posts on social media or Internet forums from a mobile device, there is a small font signature indicating that. This is an excellent way to find particular devices on your list. Following that, just put out an open request as a status update on your social media accounts asking for users of the specific models you have left on your list.

You might not find a willing tester for every device on your list, but you can easily come up with a free beta test crew in this manner so that you know your mobile marketing messages are indeed viewable and functional on as many devices as possible.

To maximize your chances of success, keep your messages small, and avoid graphics and especially Flash animations. Some devices will not even run them. Whether you invest in a bundle of technology to test yourself or assemble a group of acquaintances, you want to avoid any brands of phone or tablet not being able to view your messages. You just look bad to them and you miss out on prospective business.

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