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Unlike most eBay “gurus” creator of Auction Profit Streams, John Thornhill actually reveals his eBay ID and shows you inside is million dollar eBay business. I was pretty impressed by this. Never before have I seen someone selling an eBay help product show people their user ID.

I guess that means that Auction Profit Stream is a pretty amazing tool to help make you succeed on eBay, right? Well, let’s find out more.

What is Auction Profit Streams?

The Auction Profit Streams philosophy is based on the idea that eBay sellers should not rely on one single niche item. Instead, they should have a stream of various incomes to create a roaring river of profit. And through his eBook, John Thornhill gives you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions that explain his unique, yet profit grabbing method.

The first thing you will notice is that while he does recommend selling on eBay, it’s not in the same way that you expected to when you started out. Allow me to explain: Instead of selling regular tangible products, using the Auction Profit Streams method, you’ll sell electronic information products such as an eBook.

This has some huge advantages to sellers including not having to buy and store inventory. Not to mention, you can buy or create a product once, then sell the same one hundreds or thousands of times!
Another benefit that Auction Profit Stream points out is that once your business is all set up, it will run on autopilot, generating you up to thousands of dollars per month, all while you practically sit back and watch the money roll in.

Auction Profit Streams also covers the following topics:

• How you can create your very own digital information product which you can resell on eBay
• Marketing: How to build a list of targeted recipients that will buy your eBook
• All about resale rights
• Why having multiple streams of income is preferable to selling only one niche
• How to attract buyers to your eBook with attention grabbing titles
• How to make money from other people’s projects
• Tips for selling your eBook on eBay

If you have used a similar eBook or roadmap course before, what you may find different about Auction Profit Stream is that it really does show you each step of the process in clear detail – no more putting ideas in your head, but giving you no clues on how to implement them in the real world.

For example, after showing the importance of building and maintaining a mailing list, he also provides tips and information on how to start building your own one. This is key because the system is based upon using this list as a base for your sales.

Thornhill also explains the importance of ‘protecting’ your feedback on eBay. eBay’s feedback system has made it more easier than ever for buyers to do a background check on buyers before purchasing from them. The system is great for two reasons: it is very hard to manipulate, and it raises the standards of customer service on eBay. For sellers, maintaining a good feedback score can be a lot of work; never has the cliché “the customer is always right” been more important. Keeping a good feedback score will encourage more buyers to trust you and your products, and will also help you to get your listings at the top of the search rankings.

Auction Profit Streams offers some fantastic tips on how to keep buyers happy, so that they just keep coming back for more!

For serious sellers who are looking for an alternative to the traditional way to make money from eBay, this system is definitely an excellent opportunity for you.

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