Baby Sleep Routine

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Understanding New born sleep cycles

If your baby is not sleeping well or waking up regularly, this article is for you.

The sleep routine of infants are important to understand because it’s the most important aspect to help a baby sleep now and also foster good habits as they grow up and become mature individuals.

Even at a matured age us humans live by routine. A child needs an established routine from early on. The great thing about routine is that every time you use the Instant Baby Sleep sound track as part of your   baby sleeping routine , it works quicker. The key word here is a sequence of events.

Example: 17:00 everyday is bath time, after baby has bathed he/she is dressed in pyjamas (sleeping clothes). The room is darkened if the sun has not yet set. Thereafter a sound-track like the Instant Baby Sleep may be played. Baby is comforted by mommy and falls asleep (this routine may differ depending on your situation).

Every time this routine is reinforced – baby will fall asleep quicker and more easily. That may sound idealistic but I can promise you if you stick to implementing the sleeping tips these following days – You will see a drastic improvement.

With practice and the use of the sound track as part of the sequence of events you will be very pleased with the ease that you can put your child to sleep.

The sequence of events helps baby to get into sleeping mode. These stimuli trigger the brain to ready the body for sleep. The child becomes relaxed and accepting. It is so effective that baby may even fall asleep before the full sequence off events has been completed – a good opportunity to teach them how to fall asleep on their own without forcing it or leaving baby to cry (a heartbreaking experience).

Start today, implement your unique sequence of events and stick to it. Interestingly, the Instant Baby Sleep sound-track also has an embedded pulse to lul baby into the sleepy brain state faster.

Baby not sleeping

In this video you will see the power of fostering a good baby sleep routine. It was established through the use of the Instant Baby Sleep sound track:

Infant sleeping patterns

As you can see once a mother and baby established a good routine, putting your child to sleep becomes easier and more instant.

To my amazement I had personally lulled my baby boy to sleep in only 12 seconds! That’s why we call this baby sleep sound track the Instant Baby Sleep sound track. Now of course your infant won’t sleep asleep in 12 seconds the very first time they hear the CD…but the point I’m making is that it can be done with a practiced routine.

What is the Instant Baby Sleep sound track?

Here you can download your copy of the Instant Baby Sleep sound track:

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