Back Pain and other issues caused by Bow Legs

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It’s absolutely true that your back pain could be due to bow legs. This is especially true if you’re already an adult. This is because bow legs cause incorrect posture, and this in turn leads to problems with the spine, and results in pain. However, these issues are easily treatable.

There are exercises and stretching techniques that can correct one’s posture and straighten one’s spine, and incidentally, help to correct bow legs as well. There are specific exercises that focus on correcting the alignment of the spine, and also strengthen the muscles of the legs and torso – this enables one to hold the body more erect.


Lifestyle changes to correct the posture are just as important as the exercises described above. One must avoid remaining in one position for too long. For example, if one has a desk job that demands that one keep sitting for long periods, one should stand up at least once every hour and walk about for a bit to ensure that one’s posture is not damaged, and to keep the spine properly aligned and healthy. Equally important is good posture while sitting. People with bow legs need to ensure that the desk they use does not cause them to bend too far forwards as they sit. Similarly, an ergonomic chair when sitting also assists overall posture.

Sleeping on your stomach should be avoided if you’re bow legged, as this can further affect the alignment of the spine. When you sleep on your back, you need to ensure that you have a support under your neck to further keep the spine in alignment.

Will having bow legs reduce your height?

Since the legs are curved, they do reduce the height, practically speaking. That is to say, they make a person shorter than they would be if they had straight legs. When bow legs are corrected, people often find that their overall height increases by quite a few inches. Of course this depends on the extent of the bow legs. In mild cases of bowed legs, the increase in height when one is cured is insignificant. On the other hand, in serious cases of bowed legs, a considerable increase in height may result when the legs are straightened.

There’s also the question of self esteem

Many people who suffer from bow legs have issues with self esteem. They are convinced that people look at them as strange, or that members of the opposite sex are not attracted to them. In many cases, this is incorrect, and their own self-consciousness is what is causing them to have social problems, not the attitudes of others. In most cases, once people are used to having someone around, they hardly notice an issue like bow legs. But the fact remains that bow legs can cause emotional issues and problems with self esteem.

Fortunately for those who have bow legs, the condition is easily corrected without surgery. It’s all due to advancements in medical knowledge that allow a special diet and exercises to cure the condition.

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