Conflict resolution

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All couples fight. It is a simple fact of life that two people will not see eye-to-eye on every topic or point. It is also likely that both partners in a relationship will make mistakes or behave in certain ways that will cause friction, dissention, and even anger.

The difference between troubled couples and those who have healthy, loving relationships is in how the conflict is handled.

Strong couples use good communication skills to work together to reach a resolution. They understand that a single disagreement isn’t the end of the world, or their relationship.

Troubled couples may “fight to win,” refuse to share important information, decide not to listen to each other, or simply shut down communication during an argument. Any of these actions will prevent resolution of the conflict and may cause damage to the relationship.

Fortunately, conflict resolution is something that couples can learn. It involves many of the same skills as good communication. When they are practiced consistently, troubled relationships can be repaired over time. Even healthy relationships can become stronger when both partners use good communication and conflict resolution strategies.

Arguments are not damaging to relationships in and of themselves. In fact, when handled properly, they can make couples even stronger in the long run. What is damaging is how disputes are handled. Let’s talk about handling them in a positive, healthy manner.

Even if you and your partner are in a rough spot, these skills still apply. Use them personally and you may just find your partner noticing the change and acting in kind.

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