Detecting Pregnancy Before You Ever Thought Possible

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So how can you be sure? How can you really know? This will likely be different for everyone, but there are some signs that have a way of showing themselves early in the process. You can at least be aware of these and though they may differ as much as two pregnancies might, they are often helpful in determining if pregnancy is really finally here!

Although you don’t want to feel disappointed if you don’t detect these or if they are not present, these early indicators can help you determine if pregnancy may actually be here. Every woman experiences various symptoms and signs, but these are fairly common and can be your first way of detecting pregnancy before you ever take that first test.

  • You feel exhausted in a way that you never thought possible: This is not just feeling tired but almost like a deep-down exhaustion that you feel in your bones. You have never felt this exhausted before and find it hard to just function throughout the day.

You may feel the need to take a nap or go to bed far earlier than you ever did. Sure, being tired can be a sign of many things, but it is often associated with early pregnancy and can be part of your whole first trimester. Take naps while you can and keep in-tune for other symptoms that may show themselves.

  • Your body feels strange, particularly your female parts: Many women find that their breasts are tingly and sore almost from the start. Going over a bump in a car can cause unbelievable pain.

This isn’t like PMS, but like nothing you have ever noticed or felt before. It’s almost unbearable — until you recognize that this may be your body’s first way of showing you that pregnancy has occurred!

  • You find certain foods to be disgusting almost overnight, and just the smell of them can make you want to vomit: Some women may find something like chicken to be disgusting almost from the time that conception could have occurred. The very foods that you enjoy on a daily basis may feel gross to you even on sight.

This may not be true for all women, but if you find that you have a sudden aversion to certain foods, particularly ones that you eat regularly, then this can be an early indicator. Your hormones have a funny way of showing themselves and food can be a surefire way!

  • You feel more hormonal than possible and are riding an emotional roller coaster: Every woman has a certain fluctuation in her emotions, particularly right before a period starts.

This is much worse than PMS, and you may find yourself feeling happy one moment and crying uncontrollably the next. Prepare yourself for this sometimes bumpy emotional ride and know that it’s a good sign of your crazy hormones at work getting the body ready for pregnancy.

  • You have a tiny bit of spotting right around when your period should arrive, but then it never transpires into a full-fledged monthly cycle: This can be quite confusing for some women as they feel that their period is about to start. This is very slight and mild spotting that may only last for a day. When the period is supposed to start, there is nothing.

This is indicative that implantation occurred and yet another reason that you want to be in-tune with your cycle and the timing. A little spotting is nothing to fear and can actually be a very positive indicator that pregnancy has finally arrived, so onto the home pregnancy test you go!



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