Diarrhea – The Top 20 Dog Health Problems And How To Prevent Them

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Nothing is more upsetting (for multiple reasons) than your dog getting diarrhea when you take him for a walk. The problem is that you never know for sure what may have caused the diarrhea or how you can treat it. So, the easiest way to handle it is to watch for any other symptoms and report to the vet anything you find.

Learn about the essential:

Warning Signs

Diarrhea is often a sign of an upset intestinal tract or possible disease. The former is more common and can be the result of eating something unkind to a dog’s body, worms or parasites, or anxiety. It’s important to look in the diarrhea for signs of worms and parasites that are visible, blood, mucous or strange colors that do not look natural. It is best to take a stool sample with you to the vet as well.

You may also notice that a dog will show signs of disease when they have diarrhea. Look for vomiting, depression, dehydration, or any unwillingness to eat or drink.

Who Gets Diarrhea

Dogs get diarrhea for any number of reasons. Standard reasons that make a dog sick and you can control include feeding them food that doesn’t fit in with their normal diet. Table scraps are an especially problematic source of diarrhea. They can also get sick from getting into the trash, eating other dog’s poop, or simply having their food changed too suddenly.

Avoiding Diarrhea

If your dog gets diarrhea and has no other serious symptoms, start by withholding food (not water) for a day. This will allow the dog’s digestive tract to settle and get back to normal. Then, reintroduce them to a bland diet of chicken and rice without any flavouring or additions (freshly cooked and cooled by you).

If the dog’s feces return to normal, you’ve found the cause. If they do not, it is time to call the vet. Additionally, to avoid common causes, don’t feed your dog table scraps and if you change their food, do it slowly over time. Don’t just suddenly change dry foods on him. Change it a quarter cup at a time to give his body time to react.


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