Discover the Secret To Wholesale Sunglasses Sourcing Success!

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It’s well known that sunglasses are a hot seller on eBay. And many eBay sellers are making a full-time living from offering them on eBay. The trouble is, new sellers who want to get into the wholesale sunglasses niche don’t know where to go to find them. If you are stuck in a supplier finding rut, here are a couple of options that will get you and your wholesale sunglasses business off the ground!

Supplier directories

These are by far the most popular and reliable way to find new suppliers. Thousands of sellers use supplier directories everyday to find the best of the best suppliers.

While not all supplier directories are made equal (some are absolutely useless!) the best ones make finding and getting in touch with suppliers very simple. When looking into using supplier directories, there are a few things you should know:

• Directories with any less than 5000 suppliers will not be useful to you. Anything less than 5,000 and you are unlikely to find the products that you are looking for.

• Free directories should be avoided like the plague! These are bad news, and are usually full of scammer suppliers, or broken links which take you nowhere.

• You should only use a supplier directory that verifies their suppliers. A verified supplier offers a legitimate service, does not sell fakes, offer safe payment methods and has a good track record of satisfied users.

• A good supplier directory offering wholesale sunglasses is

Google Searches

Google is the first place we go to find anything, so why would wholesale sunglasses be any different, right? Well actually there are a couple of reasons why Google is not the best place to source your stock.
First of all, when you use Google to search for suppliers, you open up the floodgates for thousand of illegitimate suppliers to pop up in your search results. These suppliers are after one thing: your money which they will take, then run if you do use them.

While it is possible to use Google to find decent suppliers, I advise that you avoid doing so until you get more experience in what to look for in a wholesale sunglasses supplier.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great way to find suppliers for wholesale sunglasses. Trade shows bring together the best of the best in product suppliers, all under one roof. After attending trade shows, sellers are always amazed at how many amazing deals are available through the suppliers they meet. Because suppliers are competing with hundreds of other suppliers to get your attention, they offer some amazing deals on the day. To find wholesale sunglasses, I recommend checking out fashion clothing and accessories trade shows. Most of these are held in large cities such as New York and Los Angeles, or other centers around the world.

If you can get to a trade show over in China, you are likely to stumble across some of the best wholesale sunglasses suppliers in the world, who offer rock bottom prices. Not only that, but the Chinese really know how to put on a good show, and are very hospitable.

The only down sides to trade shows is that because they are mainly held in main centers, many sellers have to travel for them which can be a hassle. Also, some attendees feel rather overwhelmed by all the suppliers there that are gagging for their attention, or trying to get them to commit to a large order or contract, right there on the day.

Just make sure you are prepared to say no to any pushy suppliers!

Which of these product sourcing methods have you used in the past?

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