Discussing Demographics in the Mobile Market

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There are a lot of things you’re going to have to learn before you can successful target the right mobile market and make an impact. For example, you have to understand how to target the different demographics out there all using the same devices, and you have to realize how similar the different demographics are. Check out this article for some current, helpful information on the topic.

With some people using iPhones, others using Androids, and others using Windows-based devices, the smartphone crowd is vastly different when it comes to the operating platform. However, you still have to realize their similarities if you want to target users effectively. For instance, you will find that all smartphone users can receive an SMS message. Also, you have to understand that almost every smartphone user has a limit they can’t go past, so this means you need small, tidy content.

Apple is a very specific type of operating system that you need to understand fully before you can successfully market to its users. The web players on Apple smartphones are definitely different than what you’ll find on other phones. For instance, Apple users aren’t going to be able to view your Flash content. So if you’re spending a lot of time trying to design nice-looking Flash content, it’s probably going to waste for Apple users.

Android phones are definitely popular in today’s market, but these phones aren’t as feature-rich as the iPhones. However, an Android can basically view every type of material out there. But because the phones aren’t as heavy on the options, some of your multimedia materials may not be viewed how you intend them to be viewed. It depends on what you’re creating in terms of advertising material, but not all Android phones are going to access the full view. You’ll need to keep things text-based to be safe.

Windows phones are another popular type of phone out there, but you also have to realize that Windows’ phones make up a much smaller share of the marketplace. So if you’re trying to cater specifically to Windows users, you might be missing out on Android and Apple users. The best approach to take here is to advertise down the middle to all types of phones, and with Windows phones you can target them using the same methods that you use for Android.

If you’re thinking about exploiting the differences in the phones, you may have your work cut out for you. Instead of trying to exploit the differences, you should instead be taking advantage of the similarities. Remember, all of these phones receive text and email, and all can view basic mobile content. So instead of trying anything fancy, just streamline your approach and create short SMS messages to get your point across.

If you look back only a decade ago at 2002, you’ll see that smartphones weren’t on the horizon yet. Everyone was using a flip phone, and having a laptop was the trendy mobile option. Following that logic, we can expect to see many more tablet PCs out there, and smartphones that offer better access to the net while offering more features. So if you’re looking to stay in front of the trends, remember to keep going in the mobile direction.

There aren’t a lot of differences you have to contend with in mobile marketing, but that doesn’t mean it’s all the same. Learn to cater to every smartphone market the right way and your campaign will be a success.

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