DIY Organic Powder Foundation Recipe + Beetroot Blush Recipe

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An easy, homemade recipe for mineral powder foundation and blush with zero toxins and natural ingredients. The best part? We show you how to adjust the shades to fit your preferences, too!

Growing up, I was a huge tomboy. It wasn’t until after high school, when I picked up a part-time job at a retail store, that I started wearing makeup.

I figured that if I was working at a department store and scooped up a ton of free makeup samples, I should take advantage of the free products and try them out.

It wasn’t until I left my job and started traveling that I began to second-guess what I was putting on my face. Due to ever-changing temperatures, my makeup would melt, freeze, or rub off my face, which caused me to notice how unnatural the product felt and smelled.

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These days, I try my best to evaluate what I put in my body, and that includes both what I eat and what I put on my skin. Looking for an alternative to mainstream makeup, I headed to my kitchen and grabbed some ingredients! The result: two all-natural recipes for DIY foundation and blush!

For the first recipe, I’ll show you how to make your own custom powder foundation based on your skin tone. Then in the second recipe, we’ll mix some of the powder foundation with a few more ingredients to create a custom blush (also based on your skin tone).

To Make the Mineral Powder Foundation, You’ll Need:

Arrowroot acts as the foundation of the mineral powder. Its white tint brightens up the colors in the mineral powders.

Cinnamon is reddish-brown and acts as a bronzer, highlighting brown tones.

Cocoa is a darker brown shade and highlights brown tones.

Ginger root is yellow and adds a shimmery glow to the mineral powder foundation. If you’re allergic or sensitive to ginger, swap this ingredient with nutmeg.

Turmeric is dark orange and is used to add orange tones. It won’t only help us get the right tone for your mineral powder, but it’s also anti-inflammatory and helps treats acne.

Total time:15 MINS
Prep Time:15 mins
Serves:20 ounces

DIY Mineral Powder Foundation Recipe

Learn how to make your own mineral powder foundation with no toxic chemicals!


  •  Coffee or spice grinder (for making the foundation)
  •  Medium or large bowl
  •  Airtight jar OR Mason jar (for storing the foundation)
  •  Blush brush (for applying the foundation)

For Light Mineral Powder Foundation:

  •  3 T arrowroot
  •  1 t cacao powder
  •  ½ t cayenne
  •  ½ t cinnamon
  •  ½ t ginger

For Medium Mineral Powder Foundation:

  •  1.5 T arrowroot
  •  1.5 T cacao powder
  •  ½ t cayenne
  •  1 t cinnamon
  •  1 t ginger

For Dark Mineral Powder Foundation:

  •  1 T arrowroot
  •  2 T cacao powder
  •  ½ t cayenne
  •  1 t cinnamon
  •  1 t ginger


  •  Grind 1-2 thumbs of ginger in a spice grinder until fine. Combine arrowroot, cocoa powder, cayenne, cinnamon, and ginger in a bowl and mix.
  •  Once evenly mixed, place the ingredients into a spice grinder. Grind the mixture until smooth. Keep in mind you want to grind the ingredients until they’re completely smooth, as a coarse mix won’t stick to your face.
  •  Pour your foundation powder into your storage container of choice. I choose to leave mine in a regular tin jar.

To Make Your The Beetroot Blush, You’ll Need:

For the blush, we’ll add one of two ingredients: hibiscus powder or beetroot powder.

Hibiscus powder is dark pink and will be used to add red tones. It’s not just used to brighten the mineral powder to create blush, but it’s also anti-aging and antibacterial. (1)

Beetroot powder is burgundy and is used to highlight pink tones.


  • If you’re having trouble keeping blush on your skin, make sure your powder is ground smoothly. I had this issue when I used a blender, but it was easily solved by using a spice grinder.
  • You can create a less pink and more brown blush by putting half a teaspoon of beetroot powder into your blush mix instead of the recommended two.
Total time:10 MINS
Prep Time:10 mins
Serves:3 ounces
A simple way to make custom mineral blush from scratch.


  •  Coffee or spice grinder (for making the blush)
  •  Small or medium bowl
  •  Airtight jar OR Mason jar (for storing the blush)
  •  Blush brush (for applying the blush)

For Light Mineral Powder Foundation:

  •  3 T arrowroot
  •  1 t cacao powder
  •  ½ t cayenne
  •  ½ t cinnamon
  •  ½ t ginger

Blush Ingredients:

  •  4 T of your homemade mineral foundation powder
  •  2 t beetroot or hibiscus powder


  •  Take 4 tablespoons of your mineral powder foundation and place it into a bowl. Add 2 teaspoons beetroot or hibiscus powder into the bowl and mix.
  •  Pour the mixture into a spice grinder. Grind until smooth.
  •  Pour the ingredients into an airtight container.
  •  Depending on your preference, if you want a pressed finish on your powder foundation or blush, you can place a dry paper towel over your powder and press the powder with the opposite end of a blush brush. Alternatively, you can use it as loose powder.


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