Dry Itchy Scalp Remedies

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How to eliminate dry and itchy scalp? Sometimes, out of the blue, you get the itchiness on your scalp. Maybe you changed shampoos, or conditioners, or maybe you didn’t do anything at all, and your head just started itching. There are a few things that can cause this—such as dry skin, or product build up

These are few things that will eliminate your dry and itchy scalp:

  1. Change your product. Trying a new shampoo and conditioner for two weeks will help remove any build-up that has resulted from constant use of your traditional brand.
  2. Another thing you can use if you’re broke or don’t want to buy another shampoo is get olive oil, mayonnaise and purée of broccoli; mix it together, and rub it on your scalp. Olive oil actually reduces oiliness, mayonnaise hydrates and gets rid of lice and adds luster and shine, while the broccoli can clean deeply. You can also use an egg for nutrients.
  3. Dry your hair thoroughly each day. Damp hair will cause product buildup, and your scalp will be subject to the drying action of evaporation, which in turn can lead to itching. Even worse, mold can grow in hair! You definitely want to prevent that. Dampness also causes product buildup.
  4. Groom your hair. Brush or comb your hair two to three times a day to distribute natural oils, paying special attention to the scalp. Brush gently!
  5. Check your product. Eliminate any hair products that contain alcohol from your hair care regimen. Alcohol is a powerful drying agent, and can easily cause an attack of the itchiness.
  6. Use a good conditioner. Your conditioner adds shine but also conditions your hair and adds revitalizing nutrients and fibers. If you don’t have a good conditioner, you can use yogurt; it moisturizes and adds antioxidants to your hair that nourishes and reduces redness.

And these are few things that you have to be aware of for your dry and itchy scalp treatment:

  • Mites may reside in the earlobes also; same treatment.
  • However tempting it is, do not scratch! Scratching will only worsen the problem.
  • Be certain to keep your nails very clean, as you may be scratching your scalp in your sleep!
  • Brushing with a clean, soft hairbrush promotes blood flow and spreads natural oils to alleviate this condition also.
  • Mites which look like specks of dust are a parasite that can cause itch, so vacuum carpets, change the pillow cases often, lightly pre-rinse hair with just a little vinegar or beer and then re-rinse with clean water.

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