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These days a common goal is diversification in selling. Business owners are seeking more places where they can widen their market opportunities at a low cost. For this reason, it’s a very wise decision to sell at! eCRATER is an exciting and fairly new online marketplace where selling is free and no- cost diversification is finally possible.

What is eCRATER?

eCRATER began on September 28, 2004 in California. It started as an idea that Dimitri Slavov had of a marketplace with no fees. This was a pretty radical concept in 2004. He really envisioned an easy to navigate site with no costs to sellers as being an ideal yet attainable marketplace. His vision succeeded because as of February 2010, there were three million items listed on eCRATER.

With eCRATER you can build your web store for free as well as join a thriving, free online marketplace. When sellers sign up with eCRATER they get fully customizable online stores that accommodate an unrestricted amount of products for free! Also, it is possible to put a link from your own web site to eCRATER.

Some of the featured categories of products include art, antiques, collectibles, cameras and photo, books and magazines, computers and electronics. They also have movies, crafts, home and garden, music, sports and outdoors, toys and a baby category. eCRATER doesn’t give any products to members to sell. Sellers who have signed up should already have their own products to sell.

What are the Benefits of eCRATER?

The first benefit of eCRATER is very obvious- price! Since it is a free marketplace, that automatically cuts down on fees that are incurred when you sell your products elsewhere. There is nothing worse than listing your product, have no one be interested and then you get hit with all those fees at the end anyway. That is simply so depressing when it occurs in other marketplaces and it is ultimately harmful to sellers. How can a marketplace thrive when sellers are being hit that way? Luckily, and thanks to the brainchild of Dimitri Slavov, that does not happen on eCRATER because it is a wonderful free marketplace that supports sellers as well as buyers.

Due to the lack of fees, eCRATER is an excellent place for a new business owner or start up to start out. Many times, when a business is in that start up phase, there is not a great deal of extra cash. That is why eCRATER is a good choice for new businesses, because they won’t get hit with fees that could take a new business under in the early stages.

As an additional benefit, the online forum should be mentioned. The eCRATER community has an extremely active online forum. One of the things that is done there that really seems to be a fantastic idea is that everyone who has an eCRATER store and also has a Squidoo lens is listed in one place. Therefore, it is possible to view everyone’s Squidoo lenses and help promote each other. This shows a great deal of respect for each other’s businesses and is mutually beneficial which is what is desirable in any online community, not merely selling communities. Squidoo has a very high reputation for driving up everyone’s traffic and it seems a clever and mutually cooperative idea to list links to all the store owner’s squidoo lenses this way.

The above is an introduction to eCRATER. What eCRATER is and some benefits of getting an eCRATER store are explained. Since it is very good as well as being free, why not get an eCRATER store for yourself and start listing free today? Only good can come from it!

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