Five Ways Mobile Marketing Is Different Than Other Online Marketing Types

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You are likely aware that the number of people worldwide with a smartphone or other mobile media device in their pocket is now probably in the billions. You understand that you need to get your marketing messages out to these folks if you are going to get ahead of your competition. But do you know that many have tried adjusting their online marketing from desktop to mobile platforms and failed to take into account the five primary differences? To avoid repeating their mistakes, keep reading for the critical considerations that you need to know.

The first thing you have to take into account are the average size of the screens of mobile media devices. You can not just shrink down your existing webpages and graphics. Many smartphone users do not even let graphics load, and many cannot view Flash animations at all. Keep things small so that someone does not have waste time doing excessive scrolling and zooming. The energy they have to spend doing this will give them a negative impression of you and hurt your sales.

How easy do you make it for someone to register, subscribe or send their contact information? Do not put up a form with multiple fields. Ask only for an email address or one other piece of singular information. Keep in mind that many phones do not have keyboards, so the user will be screen typing. Also, many physical keyboards are too tiny to be of real use. If you want subscribers, make it as easy as you can on them.

In your marketing, you are going to send out deals, discounts and coupons. Never require a printer. Mobile device users are rarely near a printer. National print shop chains are still trying to master how to let individuals print from wireless devices, and there are many complications and kinks to work out. This is not realistic to ask of your subscribers.

Keep in mind that only a fraction of mobile technology users have unlimited data plans. Make your messages short in length and small in overall data size. This applies to mobile friendly versions of your websites too. Even those with unlimited data do not want to spend all day waiting for your material to download.

Make sure that your mobile pages are tested on actual mobile devices. You can design them all day long on a desktop, but you are going to have the use of a mouse. A smartphone user does not. Make it easy for them.

When you are mindful of both the limitations and possibilities that come with mobile media devices, you can make sure that your mobile marketing materials actually work effectively for those that receive them. Just scaling your online or desktop content to a smaller size is not enough. Apply all the ideas presented within this article, and you can make sure that your mobile marketing campaign is easy to use for your subscribers and not an annoyance that drives them into the arms of your competitors.

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