Fix Golf Slice

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Got a problem with your swing? Here are some ideas on how to fix golf slice problems once and for all.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 1

While there are many possible causes of slicing the ball, one of the most common is improper set up. When you address the ball, make sure your body is aligned properly to the target line. Your left shoulder should be aimed directly at the target. If it is even slightly out of line, the ball will most likely end up slicing hard.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 2

Before you swing any club, take a moment to look at your grip. If you cannot see two or three knuckles on your left hand—or if you cannot see any knuckles at all—your grip is not correct. Readjust your hands and see if that resolves the problem.

Also, make sure you are not holding the club too tightly, as this can restrict your ability to release upon impact. Holding the club too lightly, on the other hand, can cause the club head to wiggle as it connects, causing the ball to fly off course.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 3

One of the most common reasons players hit to the far right is that they do not get a full hip turn as they come through the strike zone. In order for a ball to fly straight, the club face must strike it squarely. This is nearly impossible if the hips are not turning fully through impact. By training yourself to finish high, which causes the hips to turn completely, you will alleviate this problem.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 4

Another key tip is to concentrate on slowing down your motions. All too often, a player may try to speed up the swing, hoping this will achieve more distance. Instead, the hands get well ahead of everything else, causing the club face to open at impact. It is the opened club face that causes the ball to veer to the right.

Fix Golf Slice: Tip 5

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it is worth repeating. Keep your head down until you have completed the swing. Many players have the bad habit of lifting the head right at the point of ball impact, usually resulting in very poor shot quality.

Most players lift their head out of simple curiosity—they want to see their ball. Some players may not even realize they’re doing it. If you constantly hit the ball to the right and cannot find the cause, have someone watch your head as you take a few shots.

Another reason for lifting the head is that the right shoulder comes through at impact, coming into contact with the chin and causing an automatic response to lift the head out of the way. To prevent this, keep that right shoulder where it belongs.

I hope these golf slice tips have been of use to you. To achieve positive results, it’s essential that you get to the driving range and put them into action. Take your time and work through the problem, making minor adjustments as needed, and soon enough your ball will fly high and straight.

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