Forms of Solar Powered Energy

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As I mentioned already, solar power comes in many forms. To better illustrate what I mean, consider the world’s current energy sources – not just the oil and coal we use to run our computers and cars, but the food, water, and wind that’s around us every day.

It’s all because of the sun. Trace the food chain to its lowliest members and you’ll find plants and algae – both life forms that can transform the sun’s rays into energy sources through photosynthesis. That energy allows plants to reproduce and in turn transfers to the animals and people who eat them. All energy in our food comes from the sun, even if it goes through five or six steps of the food chain before it gets to your belly.

Even the current forms of energy we use are merely old, super high-density containers for solar energy. Coal is compacted plant matter. Oil is compacted algae matter. Natural gas is the by-product of both of them.

It’s all a cycle, so it’s no surprise that technology has developed in recent years to take advantage of the sun’s rays in as many ways as possible, not just through silicon based solar cells, but through solar collectors, insulated tubes, and more.

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