From Self-Love to Your Soul Mate

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You may be in a long-term relationship, single, married with children or recently divorced, but whatever your situation, you’re not completely happy. You’re not happy because your blocking the universe from sending you the things, people and opportunities you really want in life.

When you change your thoughts and raise your vibrational frequency, you will change your love life ¾ guaranteed.

Most people are stuck in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling them. They may choose the same type of partner over and over again, such as someone who is codependent, fearful of commitment or doesn’t value them.

Whether you realize it on a conscious level or not, your subconscious is always on and is always attracting to you what you feel you deserve. You may feel fearful of intimacy, so life brings to you a partner who isn’t committed fully to you, which results in a relationship that is a dead end.

You may want to feel worthy of love (which you never received as a child), and you play out, over and over again, the role of your partner’s mother, or father, heroically stepping in to “save them.” But as time dictates to you, they don’t want to be saved, and you ultimately resent them for it.

Instead, why not opt for another scenario for your love life and one that will give you the happily-ever-after ending you really want and need? For long-lasting, healthy and functional love, try this: self-love.

Loving yourself first is the fastest way to attract a loving partner to you, and as you send out thoughts of love, passion, adventure, excitement and respect for yourself, you’re also sending a clear message to the universe that you’ll tolerate nothing less.

It doesn’t matter what type of negative, dysfunctional or unfulfilling relationship you are in right now. If you start focusing on feelings of love, you’ll receive love back in abundance.

Give love out to strangers and loved ones, alike. If you’re single and waiting for “the one” with hope (but some occasional hopelessness), you’ll attract more hopelessness. This is because you’re giving out mixed signals to the universe, and as mentioned before, when you give out mixed emotions and thoughts, you’ll wind up with mixed results.

Redirect your feelings of hopelessness, fear or doubt with love for yourself. Make a list in your head of everyone in your life you appreciate. It could be the garbage man, your children, your boss, your mother and even your gossipy coworker.

Picture yourself sending them a thought of love, respect and appreciation. As you do, you’ll not only attract an abundance of love into your life, but your mood will dramatically improve.

The more your mood elevates to happy, positive thinking, the higher your vibrational state will become and the more powerful you will be to attract love into your life.

Focus on the good in all of your current relationships. If you’re currently in a romantic relationship, but you’re not feeling loved in return, or for whatever reason not completely satisfied, your negative thinking is to blame.

It could be that you have a mother that is always asking you when you’re going to finally find a boyfriend, a sister who is always complaining about her job, a wife who never seems happy with life as it is, or a son who doesn’t seem happy about anything.

Focus on the negative attributes of your relationships, and you’ll get back more negative opportunities to gripe about! But focus on the positive attributes about everyone in your life, and you’ll receive opportunity for more love than you ever thought was possible!

Sure, you are not responsible for other people’s actions, such as a partner who made the decision to cheat on you or when your parents yelled at you out of the blue for something that really had nothing to do with you, but your thoughts aren’t doing you any favors and are actually making matters worse by perpetuating a negative love life.

Your thoughts are responsible for attracting a volatile partner, a non-communicative partner or a romantic situation that has you feeling depleted rather than uplifted. Begin each day by focusing on the good in your love life. If you’re with someone, make a mental list of his or her best qualities. If you’re single, send out thoughts of love for the qualities you need in a partner.

Visualize the qualities of your ideal partner. There’s a difference between “wishing” to have a partner fulfill your expectations and “programming” yourself to receive him or her. It doesn’t matter what your past love life has shown you about love, and it doesn’t even matter what your current one is telling you now.

The trick is to start today in this very moment by watching the movie of your life as you insist it to play out. It’s OK to not know what life has in store for you, but eliminate negative, self-sabotaging thoughts by thinking about the qualities you want in someone: kindness, thoughtfulness, intention, positivity, sticking to their word, faithfulness and self-respect.

It may be hard for you to visualize the “right” partner when all you’ve experienced is the “wrong” one, so don’t focus on what he or she may look like or how you’ll meet. Instead, spend a few moments each day focusing on his or her wonderful qualities.

Picture your hand in your partner’s as the two of you are laughing so hard you can’t speak. Picture sitting together on the couch and feeling safe, worthy and loved in your partner’s arms. Imagine the feeling your partner gives you as he or she accepts you for all that you are.

As you focus on your partner’s characteristics and the emotions involved, you’ll not only unblock obstacles from receiving it, you’ll receive it without struggle. You won’t have to “chase them down” or play mind games to hold your partner’s interest.

As a result, your love life ¾ real and true love that you deserve ¾ will attract itself to you with ease instead of the struggle that you’ve known it to be in the past.

Make a list of your best qualities. Pay attention because this is the best possible tool you can use to heighten your power to attract the right love into your life! Whatever your current love life looks like, switch your mindset from what you lack to what you have.

You have a great sense of humor, a kind heart, the ability to go above and beyond for anyone in need, and don’t forget how deep your skills and talents run. Now, what other unique attributes do you currently have that sets you apart from everyone else?

Once a week (or as often as needed), make a list of every characteristic you’re proud of. Are you a hard worker? Do you have a knack for cooking delicious, mouthwatering Sunday breakfast for your friends or family?

When you focus on what you have, instead of what you’re lacking, you’ll witness for yourself love falling into your lap. Send out love, and get it back ¾ just as the universe intended for you.



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