Grapefruit Juice and Smoothies Contain Proven Nutrients That Protect Your Skin

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Historical Highlights

Often described as a ‘youngster’ among fruiting cultivars, grapefruit appeared on the scene only 300 years ago!

Either by accident of nature or hybridization, the modern grapefruit descended from the Asian pomelo and the Jamaican sweet orange. Its name stems from the small grape-like fruit that follows flowering. The entire grapefruit is utilized including the flower, fruit, peel (candied) and oil derived from the seeds. The essential oil of grapefruit is used today as an aroma therapy to remedy emotional imbalance, stress and exhaustion.

Amazing BenefitsGrapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is low in calories and high in fiber, vitamins A, B-complex and C, flavonoids, minerals – including calcium, iron, phosphorus and copper – and antioxidants. Fiber in grapefruit, in the form of pectin, defends the colon from cancer-causing substances and other toxins. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin and mucus membranes. Vitamin A in combination with the flavonoids in grapefruit improve vision and defend the body from oral and lung cancers.

Grapefruit Juice RecipesLycopene, an abundant flavonoid in grapefruit, is considered the most powerful antioxidant, and shields the skin from harmful UV rays, thus defending against aging and cancer. Lycopene also plays a role in reducing the incidence of prostate cancer. B-complex nutrients are very high in grapefruit juice. Vitamin C is especially high and an exceptionally potent antioxidant which shields the body from infection and helps remove free radicals. Vitamin C not only helps maintain healthy connective tissue and the healing of skin wounds, but also assists the body’s absorption of iron which is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Grapefruit is high in iron, calcium, copper, and phosphorus, but is exceptionally abundant in potassium which helps to control blood pressure.

Juicing & Smoothie Recipes for Grapefruit

Grapefruit Apple Spice
1 Grapefruit – remove rind
2 Apples – core, skin and all!
1 thumb Ginger
Now I just love to add some greens to my juice and smoothie recipes for a nutritional punch since all greens and sprouts are superfoods. So add a handful of your favorite green such as Collards, Beet Greens, Kale or Baby Spinach Wheatgrass is my absolute favorite.

Grapefruit Carrot Delight
1 Grapefruit – remove rind
2 Carrots with skin
1″ Wheatgrass

More delicious and powerful recipes can be found in Juicing & Smoothie Recipes That Heal! available here in the box on the right and for Kindle, Nook and iPad users at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iBooks.

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