Herbal Remedies For Sinus Infection

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Sinus infections are painful and recurring! This is what makes them dreadful. An inflammation of the sinus that leads to trapping of mucus in the cavities is known as a sinus infection or, more commonly, sinusitis. There are a number of treatments available to ease the pain of a sinus infection. Of these, the herbal remedies for sinus infection are the best. Read on to know why.

Though medications like antibiotics, decongestants, nasal sprays and steam inhalers are available as cures for sinus infections, these are gripped in the clutches of demons like side-effects. On the contrary, the various home and herbal remedies for sinus infections, that are available, are natural, more effective and free from the negative side-effects.

The most popular herbal remedy for sinus infection is inhalation of oil of eucalyptus herbs. It carries antiseptic properties that increase the process of shrinking of the inflamed sinuses. Other than inhaling the steam, eucalyptus tea can also be consumed.

Licorice is another herb that acts as a stimulant for the immune system and makes it strong to fend off infections. It also helps in decreasing inflammation. But care needs to be taken to consume licorice capsules meant for strengthening the immune system and not for treating ulcers.

Peppermint soothes the inflamed mucus membrane lining and eases the breathing process. Peppermint can either be taken in the form of peppermint tea or as steam by boiling peppermint.

An age old wonder herb to cure sinus infections is ginger. It has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains pain-relieving substances. Hence, it is an effective natural pain killer.

Another herb is the lemon balm which has anti-bacterial properties. It can be taken in the form of lemon balm tea which is obtained by boiling the dried leaves for ten minutes and straining the mixture. It can also be use for gargles to clear the throat.

Common cold is the most common cause of sinus infections. Hence, avoiding it helps in preventing sinusitis. Thus, vitamin C serves as a great herbal remedy for sinus infections as it helps in fighting off cold. It can be taken in the form of capsules or in food supplements.

Thus, herbal remedies for sinus infections are more effective than prescription drugs. But they need to be taken only after a consultation with a doctor.

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