Honesty – The 7 Secrets To A Happy Healthy And Fulfilling Relationship

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Solid, lasting, and trusting relationships are built on a foundation of honesty. Couples that make it through the long haul instinctively know they have the trust of their partners, because they have worked hard to incorporate honesty as a virtue of their relationships.

Honesty doesn’t necessarily mean brutal frankness at every turn, but it does require facing even uncomfortable moments head-on, answering questions truthfully, avoiding the keeping of secrets, and sharing important information with one another.

When honesty forms the foundation of a relationship, couples tend to feel safer, happier, and more fulfilled. Partners who want their relationships to go the distance work hard to maintain the trust they’ve developed together.

Honesty is a virtue, but it isn’t always easy to maintain. There are situations that can tempt you or your partner to break the trust you’ve established. Some of the key situations to watch out for when it comes to honesty include:

  • Money: This is a huge issue that can split apart even the most compatible couples. It is imperative to be completely honest about income, expenditures, and budgeting. When you and your partner work together as a team and don’t keep secrets from one another, you can weather even the most difficult of financial storms.
  • Children: While it’s perfectly okay for one partner to share a trivial “secret” with a child, it’s never a good idea for partners to hide important information or concerns about their children. Presenting a united front strengthens the couple’s relationship and demonstrates better parenting skills.
  • Outside activities: Even in the healthiest of relationships, partners need some time apart to pursue hobbies, go out with friends, and just be alone with their thoughts. This is perfectly normal, and even healthy. But if one or both partners spends excessive time away and/or fails to disclose their activities or whereabouts, the relationship could be in jeopardy. Be completely honest with each other about outside activities.

Honesty goes hand-in-hand with the next major secret: respect.

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