How Bad is Grinding My Teeth? by Christian Goodman

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Do you wake up with a headache or with a sore jaw? Have you been told that it sounds like you rub your teeth together when you sleep?

If this is your experience, you may well be experiencing teeth grinding or Bruxism. Many people grind their teeth on occasion, which may not be problematic.

However, a number of people grind their teeth often and do not realize it.

Most often, it’s when a person is in pain that he or she starts exploring the reason or looks to temporary remedies to alleviate the headache. For those who have regular check ups, it’s the dentist who actually sees the problem due to the affects teeth grinding has on the teeth.

This creates a problem due to the damage grinding has on the teeth. Crowns, bridges and even dentures may be needed due to chronic grinding.

It can also lead to TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) in which the jaw gets misaligned. This causes severe pain and can make chewing very difficult.

An abnormal bite can be the culprit in which some dentists may prescribe a custom tooth guard or bruxism splint to help protect the teeth.

The majority of people however, actually suffer from stress which leads to tooth grinding. I know of at least one client who finds it necessary to use her tooth guard while driving since traffic creates such stress for her.

A tooth guard can be a good fix in the short term; however a more appearance pleasing solution is to figure out how to discontinue the grinding altogether.

It is possible to fix the problem even if it is occuring when you are not aware of it.

Some simple tips that can help during the day are to avoid alcohol and caffeine. Also, avoid chewing gum or any other non food items. When going to sleep, keep your mouth closed but make sure your teeth are not touching.

Removing the causes is even better. My TMJ No More program is all natural and has shown amazing results with both TMJ and eliminating tooth grinding.

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