How Gentle Exercise Can Make You Look and Feel Years Younger

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It’s no secret that exercise is good for your health and may even be considered a fountain of youth. However, some people are now discovering that you don’t need to do strenuous exercise in order to get some pretty amazing anti-aging benefits. That’s because some of the best anti-aging exercises are gentle toning and stretching movements.


Here’s what these exercises can do for you:


Benefit #1: Improve your circulation.


When you do specific stretching exercises using a full range of motion, you improve the blood flow to those specific areas as well as improving your circulation overall. This improved circulation helps your body cart away the toxins that are damaging your skin.  Good circulation also gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow.


Benefit #2: Regulate your hormones.


Another benefit of exercise is that it helps stimulate specific beneficial hormones in your body, including the human growth hormone (which has often been called the anti-aging hormone due to its revitalizing properties). Exercise can also reduce the stress hormone cortisol. Lowered levels of cortisol can reduce the oiliness of your skin which leads to acne, rashes and other breakouts.


What’s more, a consistent exercise program will also help your body regulate your endocrine system. When this system is in balance, your body is better able to repair, restore and rejuvenate your skin.



Benefit #3: Relax your body.


Exercise can help you counteract the negative effects of stress by relaxing your body. When you are relaxed, your facial muscles relax too, which means it’s less likely that you’ll get stress-induced fine lines from holding tension in your face. What’s more, your body as a whole doesn’t function as well when it’s stressed, which compromises your body’s ability to turn over the skin cells. This leaves you with dry, lifeless skin.  Exercise can reverse this problem.


Exercise also reduces the negative effects of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Both of these tend to reduce blood flow, which affects your body’s ability to repair your skin. Increasing this blood flow, along with introducing more oxygen into  your blood through deep breathing, helps to repair your skin and give you that radiant glow.



Benefit #4: Tone your muscles.


Your muscles sit just beneath a layer of fat. This fat can give your skin a dimpled, spongy appearance. When you increase the density of these muscles, it smooth’s out the layer of fat, which in turn smooth’s and tightens your skin. In other words, gentle toning exercises are a good way to get rid of cellulite and spongy skin.





As you can see, there are a lot of great benefits to doing gentle stretching and toning exercises. Not only will these exercises make you feel better, but they can improve the look and feel of your skin as well. A gentle exercise program is just one component of a natural fountain of youth. Find out what the other components are by clicking here:








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