How many eggs does a chicken lay in a day?

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Only just a little number of chickens will lay at least one egg every day. It is a commonly basis of egg production that chicken lays has to do with the breed and the amount of sun rays that will hit the chicken for an hour in a day. As with the breed of the chicken, the occurrence of some extraordinary laying of eggs may happen. Temperature also affects the number of eggs. Commercial egg production businesses usually controlling the light on the chicken’s coops for the light even if it is artificial can affect the production of eggs. The age of the chicken also influences their egg production on a daily and monthly basis. As the chicken grows older it begins laying fewer eggs and the five per week will become only three eggs per week. There is no chicken that lays eight eggs per day. In some other cases, some chickens lay two eggs a day, but that rarely happens.

There are some of the reasons that doesn’t affect on why the chicken lay only one egg per day from the time they started laying eggs. The reasons stated is what usually happens on every chicken. The aging chickens can live for many years(up to 12 years maximum but will not produce an egg anymore if they reached that age) and continue to lay eggs when they are still young and of course healthy. However, after two or three years most of the hens significantly decline in egg production. Still only on egg per day will be produced. Chickens health doesn’t really matter. It’s just some sort of a basis of their life span and their maximum egg production (lifetime). But this will not affect on how many eggs the chicken will produce and still only one egg will be produced in a day.


These two reasons are the

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