How to Become Your Best Self

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At the beginning of this book, you probably thought that the key to self confidence was becoming this “superman” with the ladies. Are you beginning to see why the true secret to self confidence is being who you are and letting other people deal with it whether or not they like it?

If so, you’ve just taken the first step towards becoming your best self. Here’s something to consider: most people aren’t that good at being someone else…at best they can learn to become an impostor or impersonator. It’s the same with you. You’re never going to be good at being someone else.

In fact, if you’re like most people you probably suck at being someone else…and that’s okay.

It’s okay because you have the power to become a master at being yourself. And this is really pretty easy to do once you stop wasting your energy on trying to please everyone else.

Remember how we talked about everyone having something in their lives which they were really good at and which caused them to have magnetic confidence? This principle proved to you that you already have the confidence you need to be successful with women, it’s simply a matter of learning what really creates attraction and using that knowledge to transfer your existing confidence over to your dating life.

You now have a solid plan of action for doing that and for passing the tests which women throw at you. This alone is going to make you 10 times more attractive to women…the next step is becoming your best self which starts with accepting yourself just as you are and never allowing anyone else to determine your worth as a man.

I don’t care if you see the woman of your dreams and she tells you that you’re the biggest, geekiest loser she’s ever met. You’re not responsible for her perception of you and there’s no point in hiding parts of your personality for fear that you’ll get this response from someone. Once you realize this, you’ll be free to express all the parts of who you are and to become “whole.”

Now, I realize the idea of becoming whole carries with it the suggestion that you are “broken.” But you’re not broken. You simply have parts of your character and personality which haven’t been allowed to mature with the rest of you because they’ve been in hiding. You’ve been hiding them when it comes to your interactions with women out of fear of criticism and rejection.

And if you’ve gotten into the habit of hiding these things in those situations, I’m guessing that might have spilled over to other areas of your life as well. This will all change once you stop allowing exterior things to determine how you’re going to act or what parts of you you’re going to contribute in your interactions with people.

The secret to becoming your best self is accepting everything about yourself and just being who you are. The more you do this, the more self-awareness you’ll have and the faster you’ll master the art of being you. But the longer you leave all those “unworthy” parts in hiding, the more unrefined, timid and immature those parts of you will be. Accepting these parts of yourself and allowing them to grow and mature will help you to become whole, which is the key to building confidence and attracting desirable women into your life.

You’ll also stop attracting women who aren’t whole in themselves….which is the next subject we’re going to tackle…

TIP: Start keeping a daily journal and keep track of how you interact with people. Start asking yourself if there are personality traits which you portray in some situations and around some people, while at other times you hide them. Start asking yourself if you are hiding these personality traits out of fear of judgment or disapproval. This will build your awareness and help you to stop denying and hiding parts of who you are.



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