How To Build A Chicken Coop To Get The Most From Your Chickens

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It is becoming increasingly popular for people to want to learn how to build a chicken coop. Housing chickens is a great way of saving money on groceries and ensuring the fresh quality of your poultry products. Nevertheless, chickens need an efficient and comfortable space in order for them to produce a consistent stream of eggs. If you want to learn how to build a chicken house that creates a comfortable and safe environment for the chickens, then there are a few tips you need to adhere to. These will not only increase the chicken’s production, but they will also save you money from unnecessary repairs and premature replacement.

Choose A Level Patch of Land Before Building A Chicken Coop

While on your search to learn how to build a chicken coop, you will come across plans that allow you to build on all types of surfaces. Avoid the plans that claim to be for land that is not level. Instead, focus on finding a flat spot to place the chicken house and choose a plan that uses that space the best. When learning how to build a chicken coop, some plans will not take land into account, leaving many people with lopsided coops. By building the coop on a flat parcel of land, you do not have to worry about making adjustments due to shifting. You also ensure that the chickens are not working hard to balance themselves when resting. They can truly relax while focusing on laying eggs. Additionally, the coop will last longer if it is sturdy, and the best way to build a sturdy coop is to build on a strong surface. It will also save money on landscaping costs, as you will not have to clear the land or buy dirt to fill in the land.

Properly Place The Windows When Figuring Out How to Build A Chicken Coop

Once you learn how to build a chicken house and you are starting your construction, make sure that the windows are properly placed in order to allow for proper ventilation. You must remember that the windows do not only allow air to circulate inside the coop, it also serves as the primary source of illumination for the chickens as well. Installing electrical wiring is expensive, and increases your electricity costs. So if you want to spend the least amount of money while maximizing the efficiency of the windows’ placement, then ensure the windows are not too close to the ground that the light does not fill the room effectively, but not so high that the chickens have a hard time getting fresh air.

Build A Smaller Chicken Coop

Most people think that the bigger the coop is, the better it is for them. That is true if they plan to have enough chickens to fill the coop. However, since most people can only comfortably handle a handful of chickens at a time without becoming a farmer, plan to build a smaller coop. In addition, if you should decide to get more chickens later, you can always build another small coop. Not only is it easier to clean a smaller coop, it is less expensive to build.

As long as you are not planning to start a commercial egg selling business, just a few chickens are needed in order to produce a consistent daily supply of eggs, assuming you take the time to build a quality coop. By ensuring the coop is built on a flat surface, including the properly place ventilation windows and building small, not only will you chicken be well taken care of, but your chickens will take good care of you.


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