How to Build Magnetic Confidence

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Have you ever known a man who seems to have ironclad bulletproof self-confidence? Think about this for a moment, and consider at least one man you can think of.  Now, as you were thinking of this confident man, ask yourself if there was any circumstance under which he would not feel confident. I bet you a dollar that you can think of at least one thing.

Perhaps he was a man of all confidence when he was speaking to a crowd, but in the kitchen he was timid and indecisive compared to a master chef. Or perhaps you would have to stand him at the top of a cliff with a bungee cord tied to his ankles and ask him to jump in order to find the “soft spot” in his confidence.

No matter what though, this proves that confidence is relative. Everyone has at least one area of their life that they are completely confident in. Even men who are lazy and can’t keep a job or a woman normally have at least one thing they are confident about. Perhaps they are masters at computer games, or perhaps they know everything about cars or maybe they can tell you the director for every major movie that came out over the past 10 years.

Maybe you know a man who is a genius when it comes to negotiating a business deal, but who is a flop at racquetball. No matter what a man’s talent is, one thing is certain: his expertise and confidence in that area is magnetic to other people who are interested in it or want to learn it. The same is true in the areas of your life where you possess confidence and talent.

Stop and think about the things in your life which you are really good at. Can you teach these things to other people? Can you draw their attention and keep it as long as they are interested in the subject you’re talking about? If so, then there’s no reason to doubt yourself anymore when it comes to your ability to possess magnetic confidence. You already have it.

The problem (and the reason why you’re reading this book) is that you don’t have that magnetic confidence when it comes to your interactions with women. But why is this? It is because of something which you don’t have that’s much more important than confidence: accurate knowledge of what really works.

Think about it, if you had the indefinite answers for exactly what causes a woman to be attracted to a man, how much more confidence would you have in your interactions with women? Better yet, what if you knew that for women, attraction was not a choice but something which simply happened when they met a man who knew how to build attraction?

If you think this sounds impossible, here’s something to consider: when an attractive woman walks into the room, do you ever notice how she turns the head of just about every man in the room…even men who are married or with their girlfriends?

And what do most men say when their woman catches them staring at another woman? Most of them will say something like:  “I’m a man, I can’t help it.”

I mean let’s be honest, even the men who don’t admit this out loud know in their hearts that it’s true: attraction is not a choice. It’s biologically wired into us, and the best that we can do is force ourselves not to look at an attractive woman. But even that doesn’t change the fact that we are attracted to her.

Now, as impossible as it might sound… attraction works the same way with women. And the really good news for us as men is that women are not attracted to the same things we are. We’re attracted mainly to a woman’s looks and her confidence.  This leaves women at an unfortunate disadvantage, especially as they grow older and their beauty begins to fade. That’s why so many more women choose to get cosmetic surgery.

But woman are almost 100% attracted to a man because of his behaviors, and if you know exactly what these behaviors are, you can build magnetic and uncontrollable attraction with a woman. Now, how much more confident would you be if you possessed the exact knowledge of how to do that?

How much easier would it be for you to transfer the confidence which you already possessed in one area of your life over to your interactions with women?

I’m guessing it would be pretty easy, it’s simply a matter of learning what really works and what doesn’t work. Confidence is a natural state of mind and body which comes as a result of being skilled and knowledgeable about what really produces results.

So relax and know that you already possess all the confidence you need, just as every other man alive does. The task now is to learn what really works so that you can transfer that confidence to your interactions with women…


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