How to Challenge Her Without Losing Her

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In talking about how women process attraction, we touched briefly on the reasons why Badboys are considered to be of high social value to women. But what’s the best way to demonstrate this value and to your date?

By learning to challenge her and to thus show that you’re not needy…that you’re a man with emotional fortitude who can keep her safe. Contrary to what many men think, this kind of challenging won’t cause you to lose her, it will make her crazy about you. She’ll begin to realize that you’re a man of value.

The way in which a woman determines a man’s value is a subject which would take the remainder of this book. But the most important thing to understand is how a woman “tests” a man to determine his value.

First, you might wonder why a woman would want a man she can’t control and then try to control him anyway. That’s a fair question.

The answer is, she’s testing him to see if he’s a good catch or not…to see if he’s a man of high value. And the better catch she is, the more intense her tests will be. In other words, women of high value know that a LOT of men want to date them. So they have a lot of options. Since they can’t date all the men who want to date them, they’ve developed a way to sort through them by testing them.

Can you blame them? Most reasonable people do this when they have an abundance of options to choose from…and the more options they have, the better they are at sorting through them. Why would a high value woman settle for anything less than a high value man?

Would you settle if you had more options to choose from than you could possibly give your full attention to?

Translation: if you want to date the super hot, super intelligent high value women, you MUST learn how to respond when a woman tests you and demonstrate that you are a man of value. If not, the man who knows how to pass her tests will end up with her, and you’ll be left to settle for less than what you want. I’m guessing you’ve done this at least once in your life. I’m guessing you want to stop doing that right?

So how do women test men? You guessed it: drama. Haven’t you ever noticed that the most attractive women are the most skilled at manipulating a man’s emotions with drama? They have to be.

Too many men want to be with a woman of high value, but they never bother to learn how to become a man of high value by building this emotional fortitude. They just expect a super attractive, super intelligent high value woman to walk into their life in spite of the fact that there’s plenty of men out there for them to choose from.

So if you want to demonstrate to her that you’re a great catch, you need to develop confidence and prove yourself man enough to stay the course when she tests you. The better you get at this, the better you’ll get at proving yourself as a man of value.

And just in case you’re wondering how long she’ll test you like this: as long as you’re the man in her life. Think about it: most people put their best foot forward until they get into a secure relationship, then they start to slip. But the better catch a woman is, the less likely she’ll be to risk settling for a man who isn’t genuinely confident. She’ll keep checking in to make sure that she can count on you to be the man she fell for in the first place.

Understanding this principle will help you to deal with one of the most paralyzing fears that men face in their dating life…

TIP: Immunity to drama doesn’t mean being combative or obnoxious when a woman tests you. It means playing it cool and even teasing her about her drama. Have fun with it, and treat her with respect. The best way to do this is with playful humor. It’s also important to pay attention to her needs and make sure that you’re still doing nice things for her and treating her like a lady. The difference is that you do it on your own terms, take charge of the relationship and show her that you’re responsible enough to be the man in her life.


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