How to Choosing the Right Design for the Best Chicken Coops

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One of the most critical aspects of finding the best chicken coops is to make sure your plans show you how to build a chicken enclosure properly. If you are not taking action steps to protect your poultry house from predators, there will come a time when one may just wipe out your entire coop.

Many chicken farmers figure they have the best chicken coops and are safe from this but they assume too quickly. Next thing they know, they are suffering an attack and are really paying the price for not taking the time to build a chicken enclosure.

Here is what you need to know in order to build one of the best chicken coops properly.

Build At The Right Height

The first thing you must make sure you are doing as you build a chicken enclosure is building at the right height. Remember that there are a number of larger predators out there that can easily climb over a shorter fence, so if you live in an area that these are found in, you need to build taller.

Go taller than you ever think you’d need too just to be safe. You have no idea how vicious some of these predators can be until they are right there attacking your chickens. So before you go around thinking you have one of the best chicken coops, think again.

Use Strong Enough Materials

Second to height is to also make sure you are using strong enough building materials. If you are not, then expect that to also cause problems. Many predators weigh a considerable amount and oftentimes all takes is them coming at it with a decent speed to knock it over.

In many cases, a solid wooden fence will help your enclosure to be one of the best chicken coops around. And remember, quality matters.

Build Deep Enough

When you build a chicken enclosure, pay attention that you are also going to be building it deep enough. While some animals primarily will try to climb the chicken fence, others will choose to dig underneath.

In order to be consider one of the best chicken coops, you must protect against diggers as well so be sure you build at least a foot into the ground if possible. This will make a big difference over time in how well you stay protected.

Get A Secure Door Closure

Finally, make sure you are using a secure door closure. You’d be shocked at the number of chicken farmers who put a great deal of time and effort into the process to build a chicken enclosure, but then put on an unsecured latch.

You will be going in and out through this door on a regular basis and that constant motion can eventually cause it to become loose, making it an easy ‘in’ for any predators.

You may even consider getting a lock for the latch if you are really worried about predators, but this will be a unique and individual decision based on the area that you’re living in.

So, keep all of these points in mind as you build a chicken enclosure. This is one part of the process that you must not leave out – the health and life of your chickens depends on it.

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