How To Cure Your Golf Hook – Cures For The Top 8 Most Common Golf Problems

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A golf hook is basically the opposite of a golf slice. Instead of the ball traveling to the right, it travels to the left. It does this because the club face is closed, as opposed to being open with the slice.


As with the slice, there can be several causes for the hook. Let’s look at some of the more common ones.


Grip: A good way to learn if your grip is causing the hook is to take your club in your normal grip and look down at your hands. If you see more than two knuckles on your left hand (for right-handed golfers) then you are setting yourself up for a hook shot. If you see three or four knuckles, you might end up with a duck hook!


To fix this, rotate your grip (not the club) until you see two or three knuckles on your left hand. The club face should be square to the ball when you do this.


Grip Tightness: Do not hold the club too tightly in your hands. This is a common mistake many golfers make. If your grip is too tight, it is almost certain that your hands will turn on impact and you will hook the shot.



Set Up/Stance: To cure a hook, the next thing to look at is your set up and stance. You want the golf ball to be forward in your stance. For driving, this means the ball should be located somewhere in the middle or perhaps just inside your left heel (for right-handed players).


The tips of your shoes should be in line with the target line. Many hook shots are caused by having the left foot forward of the right foot. Make sure you avoid that.


Do not stand too close to the ball. If you do, you will have to pull your arms in to hit the ball and this can result in a duck hook.



Weight Transfer


Understanding weight transfer during a golf shot does not have to be complicated. For those who are hooking the ball, there is a good possibility that you are keeping too much weight on your right foot as you swing through the ball.


The key is to keep more weight on the left foot. When too much weight is kept on the right side, a hook is almost inevitable.


By applying these tips you should be able to cure your hook shot, once and for all. If you find you cannot, get with your local pro and get him or her to take a look at your grip, stance, and swing mechanics. They can often point out the problem within a few minutes.



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