How to Raise Your Vibrations to Improve Your Life’s Success

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If you want more joy, love and happiness in your life, change your thoughts! As the rule of the Universe goes, it’s imperative to think positive thoughts to operate at a high vibration (which will in turn attract more good to your life). When you think thoughts of negativity, fear or anger, you operate at a low vibration and dismiss the good from coming your way. So, take a powerful dose of life success by raising your vibration—and learn how to do that in this article!


The Basics of Vibrations
• We are all energy, as are the thoughts we think, both consciously and unconsciously.
• Think of pure thoughts that will elevate and open you up to receive only positive things, circumstances and people, and therefore enhance your life.
• When you think thoughts of love, kindness, respect and gratitude, you raise your vibrations. When you think of fear, anxiety, worry or anger, you lower your vibrations.
• High vibrations make it easier to attract and receive what you want in life; low vibrations make it difficult to receive good things in your life.
How to Improve Your Thoughts
• You are who you surround yourself with. Keep track of the attitudes of those whom you spend the most time with—friends, family members, neighbors, co-workers. Are they positive or negative? Do they gossip or lift your spirits up with laughter?
• Detox. Eliminate or limit the following from your diet (which has a huge impact on your thoughts): processed foods, animal products, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and any pesticides or artificial foods.
• Meditation. Often difficult to start, it’s addicting once it becomes a habit. It allows you to connect to your higher self (free of ego) and listen for any messages you receive from the Divine, or your inner wisdom. This will help improve positive thoughts significantly!
Visualization for Achieving Life Success
• Create positive energy and positive thoughts by visualizing every day what you want to make a reality. Focus on the sensation of going through your work day with ease (no fires to put out!), greeting people with a big smile, and receiving a workload that you can easily handle.
• Imagine eating clean and healthy, with foods that make your body feel replenished and strong. Imagine feeling blessed by all of the wonderful people in your life, and going home feeling personally satisfied at the end of the day.
Affirmations to Raise Your Vibrational State
• Affirmations are positive statements that set your intention for the day, week, or minute.
• They are great tools to use in the morning, when you need to focus on positive thoughts instead of worrying what the day will bring.
• Attach them to your bedroom mirror, dashboard, or laptop computer to remind you throughout your day of the energy you want to send out to the world, which will then come back multiplied.
• “I no longer need to worry about those things I can’t control.”
• “I treat my body with respect, love and balance. I make health a priority in my life, daily.”
• “I have a rich life, with multiple streams of income and supportive love all around me.”
• “I see happiness everywhere I go, and offer valuable contributions to my boss and my co-workers.”
• “I see the smaller picture, as well as the big one, in order to help me achieve my goals.”

Some Last Thoughts …

While the world around us can be overwhelmingly negative at times, you can create your own bliss with the thoughts you think, and attract more goodness than you will realize by raising your vibration. From visualizations to affirmations, it takes some practice, but it will soon feel like a habit!

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