Huh? The Link Between TMJ Disorder and Hearing Loss by Christian Goodman

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A couple my wife and I occasionally get to visit with met up with us. The husband had mentioned his wife’s bruxing (teeth grinding) in passing. As the conversation continued, he mentioned that he had even lost sleep due to the rather noisy grinding sound.

She had a special buxism splint also known as a bite guard designed for her. It provided good protection for her teeth as the grinding was doing quite a bit of damage. It even helped alleviate some of the headaches she had experienced. It did not however, eliminate the grinding itself.

Since she had been grinding her teeth for so long, she eventually also developed TMJ.

Many people are negatively impacted by temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). It can be very painful and affect their day to day lives.

Connecting the mandible (jawbone) to the skull is the temporomandibular joint.

Various components also involved in TMJ are teeth, muscles, tendons, nerves, bones, connective tissue, and ligaments. Pain and poor function of any of these areas or multiple areas can be symptomatic of TMJ.

There are many different potential causes of TMJ:

Chewing gum excessively, teeth grinding, injury, misaligned bite, biting the nails and certain diseases.

Other signals that a TMJ problem may be present would be “clicking” or a “pop” sound while eating or even talking. Tinnitus, earaches and experiencing pain around the face are also possible indicators.

Loss of hearing can also occur from TMJ. The joint is very near the ear and the inner ear muscles experience pain. This pain causes the muscles to contract.

This then causes the ear bones not to move. Because these bones are required to move to hear sound or hear it well, loss of hearing results.

As it turned out, my friend also suffered this hearing loss. In fact, her husband confirmed it as he had grown accustomed to repeating himself in a louder voice.

Relieving the pain from TMJ can actually help to restore hearing. While some drugs may provide temporary pain relief, again negative side effects can also accompany them.

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