Improve Male Fertility and Sperm Quality With Diet and Supplements – Tips That Can Get You Pregnant Faster

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Previously, there was a popular misconception that any defects in conception are mainly due to defects in the female genital tract or female gametes. However, surveys and research studies indicate that 33 percent (one-third) of reported cases of infertility are mainly due to defects in the male partner, 33 percent of cases are due to defects in the female partner, and left over are 33 percent of cases due to defects in both partners.

The data clearly indicate that male defects are equally responsible in infertility issues and thus equal consideration should be given to the health of males.

Different Supplements and Foods That Can Enhance Male Sperm Quality:

There are a number of supplements that can help protect sperms from oxidative damage; that is perhaps the most common cause of male infertility. Sperms are exposed to the environment directly, and in order to properly safeguard the health of male sperms, it is very important to use supplements to boost male sexual health. This is even more important in males who are exposed to environmental toxins, particularly in certain occupations (radiation industry, X-ray technicians, male sweepers and workers in the coal industry, mining and others).

All such individuals are very likely to benefit from selenium supplementation and multi-vitamins to boost sperm health.

Tips for Male Sexual Health:

Other tips that may help improve the quality of sperms in male are:

  • Maintain sperm health by wearing boxers instead of briefs. This is primarily because sperm production, or spermatogenesis, requires a cooler temperature that is provided by the scrotum. The inner temperature in the scrotum is one to two degrees lower than the basal body temperature that aids in healthy sperm production. However, any attempt to bring the scrotum near the body (by wearing briefs) may lead to abrupt spermatogenesis and low-quality sperms.
  • Avoid hot showers and steam baths for the similar reasons mentioned above.


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