Improving bow legs naturally – without surgery

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Bow legs, while not common, nevertheless still occurs today. People who suffer from this condition may experience a range of debilitating effects, depending on the severity of the condition. And while severe cases have serious problems of their own, having the condition even in its mildest form can still prove quite embarrassing. This is particularly so in summer, when one prefers dressing down as much as possible, but there is a conscious awareness of the potential embarrassment of exposing one’s legs.

All of us were once bow-legged

If you noticed, every human baby seems to have bow legs. This is simply due to the baby being constricted within its mother’s womb without the ability to move around much. Of course, here itself lies the answer to curing this condition naturally, but not everyone realizes it.

What can happen if bow legs persist into adulthood

In most cases, babies naturally grow out of having bow legs. This requires a proper diet enriched in vitamin D and adequate exercise. But, of course, sometimes the situation goes unattended and does not resolve on its own. In such cases, the bow legs persist into adulthood, and a person ends up living with bow legs throughout their life, and eventually even suffering from arthritis due to damage to the joints.

Since this condition also affects body posture, it ends up damaging more than just the knee joints. The ankle, hip, shoulder and spinal vertebrae also show signs and symptoms of damage.

Diet is an important factor

Surgery isn’t necessary to cure bow legs – instead, one needs the right exercises, including yoga and Pilates, and the right diet and vitamin supplementation. The right diet ensures there are sufficient building blocks available to help the body develop, thus allowing the body to correct this condition naturally.

Vitamin D and calcium are vital elements to proper bone development and joint functio. Besides, fatty acids that are commonly found in seeds and fish oil, are vital for overall growth and tissue re-construction.

Monitoring the diet during the early years of childhood and even into adulthood (in case you have bow legs as an adult) can prove vital to improving this condition.

Exercise replacing the need for surgery

Some medical practitioners may recommend that you have your bow legs corrected through surgery. However, there is a new wave of thought in the medical fraternity, that allows that bow legs can be corrected through nutrition and exercise. If you start using your bow legs the way a person without the condition would, as much as possible, you will find that the condition begins to correct itself. Of course, certain special exercises will also be necessary, but this is the beginning of an effective course of treatment.

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