Increase Your Business Success Through Mobile Marketing

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Websites that are mobile friendly are bringing in more business than websites that are not mobile-friendly. When you think about it, the consumer is spending more and more time on their mobile devices connecting with friend and family and taking care of business. People are browsing on their phones when they are on the bus, waiting in line, watching their children and almost at any time when they have a hand free. If you want to be able to capture the attention of that consumer, read this article for some useful advice.

First of all, your website has to look good on a mobile device. Your site has to load quickly. Minimize the number of images on your website. If you do need to include graphics, make them small, around 250 pixels, so they can be viewed on a mobile screen. No one wants to wait for an image to load, so avoid large graphics.

If you are running a blog on WordPress, install a plugin that can make your full-sized blog mobile friendly. Test this out to make sure that your website’s load performance is not negatively affected by it. If performance is not affected, that is great. If you do see the load time and performance suffer, then do not use this plugin.

Link your website to other sites that are mobile-friendly. Popular social websites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook all have plugins that you can add. This will improve the browsing experience of your handheld audience because they will have a variety of places to go to on their mobile devices. This keeps them interested in your website by leading them to “like” or follow you.

Offer a special only to your customers who found it on their mobile devices. Give them a promotion code for a special deal. Customers like to feel like they got something exclusive. This type of promotion is really effective in helping you see how much business is coming from your mobile audience. It will also naturally drive more people to visit your website.

Make your navigation as clear and simple to use as possible. All of your navigation links should be viewable without having the customer scroll left and right. Scrolling up and down is a little easier to do. Make sure that your customer is able to click on the phone number in your contact information to call you. It makes it easier for someone to call with a question about your business.

Test how your website looks on different mobile platforms. You should have analytics set up on your website to track visitors. One piece of data shows what devices and browsers your mobile audience is using. See which devices are the most popular with your audience, then make sure that your mobile website displays correctly on these. Nothing drives away a customer quicker than a website that does not display well on the screen.

Making your website friendly for the web will attract more people to visit your website. Apply these suggestions, and you can make a good connection with your mobile audience.

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