Introducing the BW3 Workout System™:

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Identifying every single element of rapid physique transformation with pinpoint accuracy has
allowed us to accelerate how quickly we can deliver visually stunning results for our clients.
Putting all these factors to work gives you the power to create a physique that’ll be the envy of
your friends and family in no time flat.

We’ll dive deeper into the details of the system over the next couple weeks via email, but for now
let’s take broad brush look at them:

BW3 Workout System™:

BW Cardioflow Workouts

BW Afterburner Workouts

BW Metabolic-Muscle Workouts

The Carb-Synch Diet™:

Sustainable Calorie Restriction™ Method

Control Insulin to Unlock Fat Stores

Synchronize Diet With Workouts



Bodyweight Fat Loss Starter Kit — Begin Here

Are you ready to start changing the way you look? The skills, habits and secrets you’ll experience over the next 6 days will put you on your own path to fat loss, healthy eating, and a dramatically dierent physique.

This program is your quick start guide to the Bodyweight Burn approach. It’s a three-pronged immersion into the daily step-by-step process of looking and feeling better as quickly as possible. Each day of the Bodyweight Fat Loss Starter Kit program is divided into a Workout, a Diet and a Lifestyle lesson. And each day builds on the one that came before.

Take the discoveries you make over the next 6 days and let them accumulate. Add your new diet and lifestyle habits to each subsequent day. By the time you hit day 6, the combined momentum of all these new habits will have taken on a life of their own!

Are you ready to get started?

Then turn the page. It’s time to create a whole new you.

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