Is Coconut Oil the New Super Food?

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Coconut oil isn’t just for replenishing your skin or moisturizing your hair. As one of the new superfoods, it’s now known to have dozens of uses in the kitchen, improving your mental and physical health – and the taste of every meal.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

• Studies show that those people in tropical climates (who have the fruit readily available to them and live off of a diet consisting of coconut oil) have less heart disease, slimmer physiques and a longer average life span.
• It contains saturated fats, but a minimal amount that’s said to have health benefits.
• Coconut oil improves thyroid function, metabolism and liver function.
• Studies show that moderate or high amounts of coconut oil lower cholesterol.
• A 1987 study concluded that coconut oil protected the body against cancer better than unsaturated oils.
• It can improve digestion, water retention, and blood flow and decrease risk of blood clots.

It’s Good For Your Skin, Teeth and Overall Hygiene!

• Coconut oil’s many uses include being antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiviral.
• Has a subtle coconut taste – anyone who likes coconuts or doesn’t can enjoy its many benefits!
• For 100 lbs. of weight or more, use 3 Tbsp. of coconut oil daily.
• Use all over your body for an effective sunscreen, personal lubricant or toothpaste (mix with water and baking soda).
• Can be used for lotion to deal with eczema and/or massage oil.
• Apply before shaving, and minimize cuts and scrapes.
• Mix with corn starch and baking soda for a natural deodorant!
• Lather on to relieve nipple pain from breastfeeding.
• When outdoors and/or discomfort from bug bites, lather on some coconut oil to feel the relief instantly.

It Can Increase Wellness and Total Health

• Use coconut oil as aromatherapy. Massage the coconut oil onto your temples, or the inner part of your wrist, and seek relief from its nutty, earthy scent.
• Children that get frequent nosebleeds can find relief in coconut oil. Bleeding can arise when the inner nostrils get dry, cracked and bleed. Apply coconut oil once or twice daily to prevent dryness.
• To boost up bodybuilding or lean down, coconut oil when used to cook with can boost metabolism and help proteins support muscle mass.
• Studies have shown that coconut oil helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome.
• It has a satisfying flavor that helps to curb sugar cravings, and a small amount is filling enough to reduce appetite.

It Will Make You Healthier!

• Coconut oil can be used instead of butter when making omelets, stir fry, casseroles or pastries. Or, spread a tablespoon on toast instead of butter!
• In its natural form, coconut oil is thick. Melt the oil in a saucepan, and add it to a protein shake or fruit smoothie.
• Improve your pet’s health – add a teaspoon to their water bowl to support their digestive systems and kidneys.
• The perfect natural insect repellent: peppermint oil and coconut oil.
• Scar healing – Apply a teaspoon to the area to speed up the healing process.
• Use as a natural ointment for painful back, neck and joint discomfort/soreness.
• Apply to blackheads on forehead, chest, chin and cheeks to minimize acne.
• Apply coconut oil topically up to once a day for skin disorders, and it can altogether cure the annoying or painful symptoms.

The Bottom Line . . .

Coconut oil isn’t just for getting shiny hair or applying to your sunburn. For increased health, wellness and a preventive diet, use coconut oil in nearly every area of your life – including in the kitchen! Its’ yet another superfood that you can enjoy the delicious taste of daily.

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