Is Surgery the Only Way?

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You’d be surprised to know that bow legs can be cured without surgical intervention. All that is needed are exercises that can make the muscles of the legs stronger and more supportive. If one does these exercises, the differences in the alignment of the legs become apparent right away, and over time, the bow legs can be corrected almost completely.

Correcting bow legs in children

It is easiest to correct bow legs in children, because the ends of the bones are not sealed, and the bones themselves are more flexible. Therapeutic massages are an excellent way to correct the condition in a child and virtually any physical therapist is trained in the necessary techniques. A therapist will manipulate the child’s legs forward and back gently, making them execute specific movements, for a certain amount of time. As the child grows, with a treatment of this sort, the legs begin to straighten out gradually. If you would like to help a child with bow legs, a simple exercise is to lay the child on its back, and gently grasp a leg and fold and straighten it in a movement similar to knee bends. Remember to be very gentle at all times. Raise one of the legs, and gently move the knee upwards so that it comes close to the chest. Then straighten the leg again. Remember not to place undue pressure on the joint. This must be done gently several times a day, for an extended period of time, for the best effect.


Yoga is an excellent way to cure bow legs in an adult, as the whole system is geared towards bodily manipulation and increasing the flexibility of the limbs and torso. A person who has bow legs may have some problems with executing yoga poses, but yoga straps can be used to help one to execute the postures correctly. To start with, one can bind the legs with the yoga straps. Doing this will cause the legs to grow stronger, and will also begin to correct the distortion caused by the bow legs. Now execute simple yoga poses. The forward bend is helpful, but so is the special yogic pushup. A competent yoga instructor will be able to help with useful yogic poses and advice to help reduce bow legs.

Exercises to make the legs stronger

You’d be surprised at how much exercises to help the legs grow stronger can reduce bow legs. While bow legs in youth can be caused by disease or malnutrition, the condition persists as one grows older through incorrect posture. Exercises to strengthen the body, and especially the legs, can correct the condition. As the muscles grow stronger, less strain falls upon the joints of the legs, and this helps to improve and correct bow legs. Many helpful exercises are easy to execute. Simply lie back on a bench in the gym, and hold a ten pound weight with both of your feet. Now, bending the legs, drag the weight towards your lower torso. Then push it away again. Repeat this several times, and you should see a marked straightening of the legs over time.

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