Is There a Connection Between TMJ Disorder and Bell’s Palsy? by Christian Goodman

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If you’ve had or seen someone who has Bell’s Palsy, you probably noticed it appears as though a stroke occurred. One side of the face has lost muscle control and/or is paralyzed.

Bells Palsy can be identified by the sudden onset of facial paralysis (one side only) or feeling numb, pain or tingling to a side of the face.

As stated before, Bell’s Palsy seems to resemble stroke. However, only the face is affected as the facial nerve connects to the skull not the spinal cord.

Other causes for the condition must first be ruled out as there is no organic cause known for causing Bells Palsy. Such possible cause such as brain tumor, diabetes, stroke or trauma to the head are normally explored.

Some research suggests that Herpes Simplex 1 (cold sore) could cause Bell’s Palsy in over half the cases. This is however a theory at this time. While anti-viral medications may be recommended in these cases, the actual benefits of that treatment are rather controversial.

Other treatments include chiropractic and even steriods.

When the paralysis only affects the one side of the face partially, the condition will often self correct.

More severe cases may go on for weeks or months. Some people have reported suffering with Bell’s Palsy for up to a year. It also creates other potential problems.

Corneal damage can happen due to the inability to blink or even close properly with Bell’s Palsy.

Interference with a person’s ability to chew or swallow may also be presented if the paralysis is severe.

Studies are showing promise for Bell’s Palsy sufferers who obtain TMJ disorder treatments.

While the two problems seem somewhat different based on the affected areas (the joint from the jaw connecting to the skull is impacted by TMJ vs. the facial nerves with Bell’s Palsy) TMJ treatments look quite promising in helping those who suffer from Bell’s Palsy.

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