Learn the 10 Best Tricks to Elevate Your Mood Naturally

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If you get the blues or mild depression about life’s unforeseen circumstances from time to time, you don’t need a happy pill or an epiphany about the meaning of life to move on. You can naturally boost your mood with these easy-to-take steps to happiness.

Show Some Gratitude for All You Have.

• Like attracts like. Think thoughts of think thoughts that are of gratitude, acceptance and appreciation, you’ll be open to receive more of it (and serve as a magnet for more things to be grateful for!).
• Transform a sullen, grumpy mood by thinking of one thing to be grateful for – your good health, your steady paycheck or your happy children. It doesn’t matter what it is – the mere thought of being grateful for the things and people in your life can steer you away from horrible mood instantly.
• Focus on thoughts that are positive rather than negative. What you focus on, you’ll attract more of (according to the law of attraction).

Spend an Hour Reminiscing about Your Happy Past.

• Revert back to old pictures of yourself smiling with friends, family (and even old significant others), and it can boost your mood.
• Looking or even thinking about past memories of positive emotions can transport you back to that time, which has the power to remove you from the stress of the current moment.

Transform Each Negative Thought into its Positive Variation.

• Just one happy thought can turn your entire day around. When your inner critic tells you what you can’t do, turn that sentence around into its positive version.
• Flip the switch of negative thinking, and think of a positive thought. (This will take some practice, but before long, it will feel natural.) When you think about something you can’t do, repeat “I can do ______!”

Sit Up Straight, and Hold Your Head up High (Literally and Metaphorically)

• Boost your mood by straightening out your back while you sit or stand, and hold your head up high.
• Practice making eye contact and holding your head with confidence. It will affect your entire attitude and foster confidence.

Think of the Universe as if it Conspires to Make Your Dreams Come True

• The only thing that makes your life a struggle is your attitude.
• Get into a good mood (even if you’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed) by insisting that the Universe is working hard to put good things along your path.• Repeat the following mantra when you’re surrounded by other people’s negativity: “The day may be hard for them, but it’s not for me.” (You’ll feel lighter immediately!)
• Studies show that affirmations (positive statements) can dramatically change your day for the better. Start every morning with an affirmation, and say one again before you fall sleep.

Close Your Eyes, Sit in Indian Pose, and Inhale.

• Devote 10 minutes a day to yourself without interruption.
• Sit down with your legs crossed in front of you. Close your eyes, and begin to breathe in and out, deeply and controlled.
• Accept thoughts as they pop into your head, and release them. Repeat as needed for clarity, and a de-stressing daily ritual. Continue for at least 10 minutes, longer if you feel comfortable enough to keep going.

Lie Down Outside, and Look Up at the Bright, Blue Sky.

• Do what children do, and see the world from another angle.
• This carefree attitude works just as well for adults! So lie down, breathe in and out, and look up at the sky. If nothing else, it’s a great distraction to ease your mind for a few minutes.

Allow Your Body to Move Freely.

• Studies have shown that those who exercise experience more joy and less stress.
• Exercise is an immediate mood booster, and studies have shown that just walking at a relaxed pace for 30 minutes a day (outside or inside) can decrease symptoms of depression and perk you right up!
• Walk, run, hop, skip or jump – it’s your choice, but movement will undoubtedly calm your senses and ease your emotional pain.

Find Something That Allows You to Laugh Out Loud!

• Laughter is the best medicine, and when you do it daily, it’s a big stress reliever.
• Think of a past memory that made you laugh, or watch your favorite comedian on TV. Feel lighter and more joyful with the every chuckle of your day.
• Focus on humorous insights throughout your day, and your stress will cease, even if it’s only momentarily.

Remember: Where You are Now, You Once Only Dreamed of Being.

• A happy life starts with happy thoughts.
• What thing that you have now did you once dream of having? Think back to last year, five years ago and even when you were a teenager longing to be a grown-up. Give thanks for what you have in your life, and appreciate the lessons of hardship that come throughout your week.

The Bottom Line . . .

Feeling happy is really all about your attitude. Any time you feel yourself getting down about your work life or personal life, put these 10 tips to good use, and you’ll soon rediscover the inner joy and sense of ease you’ve been missing!

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