Lipoma Prevention and Treatment

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Even though lipomas do not cause a serious health concern, many people are interested in steps that should be taken in order to prevent lipomas from growing. These benign growths are deposits of fatty cells that collect just under the skin, and the most common reason prevention techniques are used are for cosmetic purposes.

Who is at Risk for Lipomas?

It is estimated that about one percent of the population will experience at least one lipoma at some point in their lifetime. They occur most commonly in adults, and are very rare in children. Suggestions have been made that some people may have a predisposition to lipoma growth based on their genetics.

The most common reason a person may search for a way to prevent lipomas is if they have already experienced a lipoma in the past. These growths usually occur in clusters, resulting in multiple growths in the same area. Or, there may be multiple growths on different areas of the body.

If you have had a lipoma or you are currently looking for a way to get rid of your lipoma, then you may consider trying preventative remedies to avoid future growths. Even if your lipomas have been removed surgically, there is still a strong likelihood that they will appear in another location on the body.

How to Prevent Lipomas

Doctors haven’t been able to identify the exact reason lipomas grow, and because the cause of lipomas is unknown it is difficult to determine the right way to prevent lipomas. But, there are a few steps that have been effective in many people, and these home remedies are safe and easy to apply.

The main lipoma remedy is to change your diet, because lipomas are deposits of fatty cells, so adjusting your fat intake can have an effect on lipoma growth. Additionally, there are certain supplements that may be used, in addition to a lipoma diet, in order to help the body absorb the fatty deposits and prevent additional fatty deposits from growing.

If you have lipoma, don’t feel as though surgical removal is necessary without trying other options. It is a good idea to try natural remedies first, which may allow you to avoid the pain and recovery time associated with a surgery.





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